Managing Yourself and Others

Topics: Vocational education, Learning styles, Management Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: June 8, 2013
M3.13 Developing yourself and others

Analysis of development needs and learning styles
Strong team member
Lack of management skills
Don’t like staff confrontations
Training courses
Other colleagues
New site/company

Overall I feel my strengths out weigh my weaknesses. I am very aware of the importance of training and my continued professional development. I am very motivated towards my training and I am always looking to improve my qualifications. The above table is a useful tool as it identifies my weakness and shows me where I can improve. I can now research tasks and develop this area with discussions with my manager. Sam

Not focused sometimes
Lacks enthusiasm
Further training courses
To teach extra classes to make extra money

Other colleagues
New site

Sam is a very qualified teacher and has many strengths. I find Sam very motivated towards his training and qualifications. Sam weaknesses have been discussed with him and an action plan set to build these in to strengths. Also identify your own and one other member of your teams learning styles VAK attached- Both myself and Sam are kinaesthetic learners. This does not surprise either of us as we both prefer hand on experiences and dislike a class room theory environment. It is important to understand this as when selecting appropriate training and linking it our learning styles. This was a useful tool as we could both develop our auditory learning styles. Development options to meet development needs

Alice - The Training options available to myself are the lifetime NVQ in management which is carried out at the centre through coursework and practical work. A NVQ is a vocational qualification and can help me develop in my team leader role by teaching me new skills and giving me...
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