Managing Your Boss

Topics: Proposals, Feedback, Proposal Pages: 5 (1647 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Organizational Behavior
Prof. Fernando Bartolome
Case Study Report

1. What mistakes did Diego make in the way he behaved during his 8 months at Innovaciones Metalurgicas First of all, Diego did not take any action to understand Gloria’s real objectives for the two tasks; ”To work alone on a very difficult set of technical problems” and “To attend the weekly coordination meetings”. Due to poor communication with Gloria, Diego misinterpreted her needs, and received negative feedback on the proposals. However, most importantly, during 8 months of his employment, Diego never made an effort to learn Gloria’s real objectives. He should have investigated various clues related to her needs; such as looking at business plans of the organization, finding out Gloria’s boss’s needs, and asking Gloria directly for more detail about the tasks. Second, Diego did not invest himself in socializing with his co-workers. In fact, he spent long hours at the office and, rarely joined “El bocadillo de las 10”. Diego seemed to perform in response to Gloria’s second assignment, attending the weekly meeting and knowing what the different sub-teams do. However, Gloria’s real objective for this second task was not just having Diego attend the meeting, but having him socialize with his colleagues in order to exchange opinions with them regularly. In the case of the second and third proposal, Diego seemed rather rushed to submit those proposals. Before trying to improve the way of working in the organization, he should have fully understood the characteristic of the organization such as relationships among Gloria and sub-team members. Especially because Diego was a new employee, he should have spent more time communicating with his colleagues and asking their opinions about his proposals before submitting them to Gloria. In addition, in the case of the forth proposal, Diego must have known that his proposal would affect several projects, and involve relevant people of the projects. Before submitting the fourth proposal, Diego should have gotten objective opinions from them about his proposal. Third, Diego did not invest himself in an effort to do self-assessment. He acquired nothing from the feedback of his boss and colleagues. He should have analyzed what was wrong with his proposals and what his boss expected for the next proposal. Also, he could have asked those questions to his boss directly. Additionally, when Diego got feedback from his colleagues that he should be relaxed and enjoy life, he was upset with them. However, Diego needed to understand that “being relaxed and enjoying life” is the way people work well in this organization. He had to pick up the real meaning of the feedback. Fourth, Diego had too high expectation of Gloria. He expected her to understand his “effort”, and provide solutions for his proposals. Due to his excessive expectation, he easily felt irritated and complained about Gloria’s management style, especially when Gloria gave only negative feedback to him. Diego should have understood that Gloria had already spent a lot of energy to involve her other subordinates and, spent precious time to analyze Diego’s proposals. Fifth, in general, bosses do not require brilliant ideas, but do require workable ones from their subordinates. It seems that Diego proposed several brilliant solutions, but they were unrealistic. Again, Diego neglected to make an effort to figure out whether his proposal was realistic and suitable to the organization by asking others’ opinions. Finally, Diego failed to know Gloria’s preferred style, whether she would like to receive a proposal orally or in written form. If Gloria was a listener, Diego kept reporting in the wrong way. He should have at least asked Gloria directly or his colleagues about her preferred style. 2. Define precisely the problems that he faces at the end of the case. The most serious problem is that Diego became deeply discouraged in his job....
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