Managing Workplace Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Culture, Affirmative action Pages: 12 (3056 words) Published: December 16, 2012

Managing Workplace Diversity
Cultural Discrimination & Difference in Workplace
Paul R. Dix

Siddharth Gupta B.A. (Hons) Business and Management 77093992



1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Workplace Diversity 4. Origin of Managing Workplace Diversity 5. Discrimination 5.1Types of Discrimination

6. Culture
6.1 Component of Culture and Heritage

7. Cultural Diversity in workplace
7.1 Drawbacks and Benefits 7.2 Strategies for promoting Diversity

8. Some Live Examples 9. Policies and Laws/Acts against Cultural Discrimination 9.1 Australia 9.2 Canada 9.3 Hong Kong 9.4 United Kingdom 9.5 United States 9.6 Others

10. Conclusion 11. Bibliography



1. Abstract
Conventional wisdom has it that the world is undergoing rapid globalization. Due to this there is a rapid increase in social, technological, cross-border economic and cultural exchange which diversifies the place. This leads to large moment of the people with different culture and background (heritage) and have to work under one roof. In this way the workplace becomes diversified & culturally rich which marks the beginning of discriminations and conflicts on the basis of the same. This document shows how diversity affects the workplace. As every employee brings new beliefs and background which creates a new diversity. With the help of this new understanding can be created to sharpen the skill of understanding the global market. This mixing up of culture can be a positive addition to company’s success. This document helps to understand that there are many ways of looking at an issue. Always the organisation should look for common ground which reduces the chances of conflicts. Document also produces different ways of handling the conflicts and cultural diversity. It also contains data about laws and policies which prevails in different countries against cultural discrimination and heritage.

2. Introduction
The present global economy is filled by new development in technology and trade agreements. This new growing economy has also transformed the landscaping of the workforce. The upcoming generation workforce is full of global talent, they are not from your neighbour but from around the world. To generate modest benefit for the firm, enterprises must come up with new strategies that focus on utilizing the diversity as an asset of the business. When the diversified organisation meets their customer demand, positive impacts can be seen and challenges can be bought down to the bottom-line of the organisation. While dealing with the above issues/problems new concept raised name Managing Workplace Diversity. (Anon, 2008)



3. Workplace Diversity
Diversity is inclusion of things, people and place with different origin. Workplace is truly a mosaic of different,        Origin Culture Race Gender Age Religion Sex

As a manager or supervisor it is his responsibility to ensure that different pieces of mosaic fit together in hormones and coordinated way and to utilize the ability and talent of the employee. (, 2010)

4. Origin of Managing Workplace Diversity
The theme diversity in workplace started in United States. Virtually it was not in existence for the first 150years after the country’s founding. In 1920s (World War I) majority of labour changes their workplace from white male domain to reflect as a multicultural society. Since then the racial and gender equality among the employee in the work place has started which lead to the formation of the activist groups and laws and policies. (, 2008)

5. Discrimination
The word discrimination is the deleterious treatment of an individual based on their group or category like cast, race, sex, age etc. This involves the behaviour of those groups who is excluded or restricted to some opportunity or progress or rewards while the...
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