Managing with Web 2.0

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Case Studies: Chapter 11 and 12
October 31, 2010

Technological advances in the internet arena have come on rapidly and with a vengeance. As more people are learning the true capabilities of such a monster, more and more businesses are finding ways to harness the technology and use it to their advantage. As with anything there can be issues that arise, wires get crosses and people get angry. Today’s technology will ultimately set the stage for tomorrow’s business model.

Chapter 11 Managing With Web 2.0 (p.423)
How do Web 2.0 tools help companies manage knowledge, coordinate work, and enhance decision making?
Web 2.0 has been referred to as the “beginning of a new era in technology” (, 2009). Web 2.0 helps publish and disseminate information. For that fact alone businesses are able to use it for many facets of their every day operations. Web 2.0 has various blogging tools that can accommodate just about every business platform. Besides the blogging abilities, Web 2.0 has what is referred to as RSS feeds. These feeds are a very inexpensive way for businesses to get information and announcements out, sort of like a newsletter but better. This bridges the gaps of communication and keeps every one up to date. Web 2.0 also has the capabilities to effectively tag. Tagging can be described as a labeling system virtually organizing various types of information photos and internet pages and links. Perhaps the lastly and most popular aspect of Web 2.0 is the social networking. Many businesses have not only expanded to the next county or state, many are global. Thru social networking, which usually is free, businesses have an inexpensive way to maintain global communication with overseas employees and shareholders. What business problems do blogs, wikis, and other social networking tools help solve?

Web 2.0 has been a blessing to project managers all over and for businesses trying to attract young up and comers. Project managers can not only communicate with team members but those team members can “store information and share memos” (Laudon & Laudon, 2010, p. 423). Businesses are able to create blogs to categorize information for employee interests. Employees can research blogs created in order to answer questions that may come up. In addition to information exchange, blogs, wikis, and social networking have enable employees to upload resumes and thus higher-ups have access to them. This not only enables businesses to “go green” but deserving applications have a better chance of being seen as opposed to falling to the wayside. Describe how a company such as Wal-Mart or Procter & Gamble would benefit from using Web 2.0 tools internally.

As a Wal-Mart employee, I have some insight to this. Walmart currently uses DSS for their online store but has yet to dabble into the Web 2.0. I am sure as they are the number one retailer these days that this concept is being considered. Wal-Mart uses old-fashioned email to communicate from corporate headquarters these days. Wal-Mart is huge and considering a social networking site would have to have global capabilities. If they could make it work, Wal-Mart would be able to link every one everywhere. There is much to learn from others and I am sure that on a global scale that is both good and bad considering cultural barriers. Outside of this, it would be nice to have a forum to post resumes to and up and coming events. At the least, Walmart should at least begin with a social networking site for store managers. Information can be slow getting out there and clarification is not always a phone call away. Remodels, resets and holiday phase in/phase outs, product changes, they all would happen more smoothly if communication was better. What challenges do companies face in spreading the use of Web 2.0? What issues should managers be concerned with?

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