Managing Travel Expense: New Tools, New Savings

Topics: Decision support system, Decision theory, Management Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: October 12, 2010
1. SENIOR MANAGEMENT: needs summary information that can quickly inform them abt the overall performance of the firm such as gross sales revenues, sales by product group and region and overall profitability. 2. MIDDLE MANAGERS: need more specific information on the results of specific functional areas and departments of the firms such as sales contact by sales force, production statistics for specific factories and product lines, employments levels and cost and sales revenues for each month or even each day. 3. OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT: need transaction level information such as the number of parts in inventory each day or the number of parts logged on Tuesday by each employee 4. KNOWLEDGE WORKERS: may need access to scientific data bases or internal databases with organizational knowledge. 5. PRODUCTION OR SERVICE WORKERS: need access to information from production machines and service workers need access to customer records in order to take records and answer questions from customers.

Transaction processing systems:
Operational managers need systems that keep track of the elementary activities and transactions of the organization such as sales, receipts, cash deposits, payroll, credit decisions, and the flow of materials in the factory. This system is a computerized systems that perform and record the daily routine transactions necessary to conduct business, such as sales order entry, hotel reservations, pay roll, employee record keeping, and shipping. The principal purpose of systems at this level is to answer routine questions and to track the flow of transactions through the organization. Manager needs TPS to monitor the status of internal operations and the firms relations with the external environment. TPS are also major producers of information for the other types of systems for e.g. the A/C receivable system TPS are often so central to a business that that TPS failure for a few hours can lead to a...
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