Managing Time: Personal Reflection

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Personal Reflection
Brandon Robinson
Stevens Henager College

What was the most helpful thing that you have learned so far? Why? How will you use that information later on in your education, professional or personal life? The most helpful thing I’ve learned in class was how to manage my time. See managing time is one of the best skills you can learn in life. It helps you to be a better planner and a better thinker. Once you master how to manage time you would have a better schedule and a way to keep you on track. But Peak Performance has this form of time called Maintain time. Maintenance time is the time you spend “maintaining” yourself. Activities such as eating, sleeping, grooming (showering, styling your hair, cleaning your contact lenses, getting dressed, etc.), cooking, cleaning/laundry, shopping, and bill paying use up your maintenance time. This is the top prorates in learning to manage time and if you can’t learn this then you won’t know how to manage time. But school taught me the best way to learn it.

What surprised me this module? The most surprising subject was the APA Template. This was easy to learn but it surprised me because I never heard anything about APA. I would have thought that I would have known something about APA in high school. But it was a wonderful thing to learn. And I’m glad that I have learn this template so I can better my education.

What thoughts or ideas have you developed in the last four weeks that have reinforced your existing ideas of the content in this class, new concepts learned, its applicability to your career goals, and why? My thought on what I have learned in the last four weeks is success. This course help me better understand writing, I was excited to get this knowledge and better myself in my major. Its compatible with my major because I have to know how communicate on a higher lever, so I can show myself approve and proved that I’m educated.

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