Managing the Work Environment

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Managing the Work Environment|
Intro to Human Resources LP-6|
Mary Niemeyer|

The job of managing the work environment is a very important one. Human resources managers must consider several things when maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. There are many laws that regulate things that impact an employee’s safety, health, and happiness. But more than that, an organization should provide things concerning safety, comfort, and health for ethical reasons. An organization will likely have more productive employees if they provide a safe and comfortable work environment.

It is very important to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for many reasons. One of the big reasons is, it is simply the right thing to do. An employer should always send their employer should always send their employee’s home in the same condition they come to work in every day. The practice of safety also brings finances to the table. A safe environment impacts a project’s bottom line both directly and indirectly. The cost associated with incidents, including lost costs, worker’s comp claims, insurance costs and legal fees are minimized in a safe work environment. The indirect costs of incidents include; the loss of productivity that occurs when people turn their attention to the incident and absences associated with safety incidents. On the other hand; a safe work environment boosts employee morale, which in turn, increases productivity, efficiency, and profit margins. When employees feel they have a good, safe work environment they feel like they can make a difference.

Safety hazards are conditions in the work environment that have the potential to cause harm to an employee. Health hazards are characteristics of the work environment that more slowly and systematically, and perhaps cumulatively, result in damage to an employee’s health. An example of a safety hazard might be a poorly connected string of wiring that might result in electrical shock to an employee....
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