Managing the Brand

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Brand management Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: July 3, 2009
Business exist, because of consumers and the ability of organisations to understand consumer needs, desires, motivations and preferences. Products are innovated, developed, modified, standardized, invented or reinvented and the time between those steps is not as long as it used to be. Whether it is mass production or niche production both demand identification of a specific segment and produce individual products or services. As the product steps towards this direction, the marketing needs to keep abreast with product and the vision of the company as well as expectations of the consumer. The vision and policy of the company, its strategy, the product (brand,packaging, label), service level and employees are becoming more and more important helping the consumer to understand the value of the product and influence their purchasing behaviour.

Stepping towards the global view – international product strategy and broadening/lengthening product lines, modifying, adapting or introducing 'new comers', may be confusing for marketing managers and teams to follow up with the brand and its change. Berthon, Holbrook and Hulbert (2003) pointed out that the major mistake leading to unsuccessful brand management is a “lack of fundamental understanding of brands and their changing nature” (Berthon, Holbrook and Hulbert, 2003, pp. 49) and that there are too much parties involving and influencing the nature of the product, its positioning and its loyalty leading to the loss of marketing control over their own brands. The other problems which are raised by authors is 1) the understanding that a brand has to reflect the identity and characterize the product (service) and in order to succeed in this aspect it is important to understand the history of it – purpose, process and people involved, in the other words “physical objects, subjective experience and culture” (Berthon, Holbrook and Hulbert, 2003, pp. 50). 2) Consideration evaluation of financial involvement while...
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