Managing Team Performance

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Managing Team Performance
Research and Analysis/Academic Literature

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1.0 INTRODUCTION-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 1.1 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE REPORT-------------------------------------------4 1.2 LITERATURE REVIEW-----------------------------------------------------------------------6 2.0 FINDING/ SECTION---------------------------------------------------------------------------9

2.1CRITICAL ANALYSIS-------------------------------------------------------------------------10 3.0 RECOMMENDATIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------12 4.0 CONCLUSIONS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 REFERENCES/BIBLIOGRAPHY --------------------------------------------------------------14

The management of Team Performance is a very vital aspect of Human Resources Department in an organization. Managers/supervisors direct the affairs, maintain records and assess job performance carried out by workers. Employees task are either carried out as individuals or as groups in performing a specific work in organization. Blending ‘we/me’ in performance management could be regarded as, the role of an individual or a group of workers or Team of workers getting the job done. Jobs carried out by a group would be referred to as ‘we’ and if carried out by an individual would be referred as ‘me’, Team or group could also be ‘we’. When all these are integrated together, it is seen as the culture, the motives, the goals and the objectives of the organization for a lucrative outcome. Managing Team performance is the incorporation of all the works above to evaluate the individual worker, Team responsibilities and the performance model for the specified job title.

Employees in organizations must be aware of what is happening, when it would take place, and how they will be impacted. They should be made to know of their training needs, knowledge, information and authority to manage performance affecting the products and services they deliver. Employees must work in line with the vision, goal, objective, and policy of the organisation to ensure achievement of high performance results. These can easily be achieved through Team work. According to Fulk, Bell, & Bodie (2011, p 17), teams are an aspect of an organizations life as it is a gathering of two or more people prepared for the reason of achieving one or more objectives. A major means of achieving great task when an organization is faced with challenges is to ensure that it’s worker work like a team. In most firms, employees either work as a team or work individually where one person does not pay attention to the next person, which usually brings to a result of the statement ‘me’ or ‘we’ attitude to work place. To achieve the goals and objection of a firm, there should be a kind of amalgamation between these two entities to achieve an effective team performance Management. Sometimes it may be out of place for a person to work in separation from others in a culture that is team based in achievement of set target. According to Galpin, (1994, p 207), “Without setting of goals, individuals will usually walk without direction, dash around aimlessly from one task to another without actually achieving anything and spend time waiting for someone to give them a task to carry out at every completion of work. Clear goals permit people to plan well and stay away from confusion. It is important to get individuals motivated in order to ensure that the set goals are met and the objectives of the organization will not fade away. Well motivated personnel trained by a manager, get work done at the right time and as well enjoy the job they do. In performance management, employees who are well motivated only need less management time in performing their duties than...
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