Managing Stress During Internship Among Chemical Engineering Students

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Managing Stress during Internship among Chemical Engineering Students



With the given opportunity, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to each and everyone who have been helping and involved in the process of conducting the research. To our parents, the support and love given to us have been giving us the strength to continue and finish the research paper. We would like to acknowledge and give our greatest gratitude to our lecturer, Puan Mazli Shahurain for her guidance, encouragement and support throughout the completion of our research paper. Thanks to her, for showing us examples regarding research paper. Without her guidance and continuous help, we would be at lost.

Sincerely, thanks to our team members for their hard work, cooperation and help. Besides, we would like to thank all the participants who have been giving us their full support and cooperation in answering our questionnaire. Despite their busy schedule, they were willing to spend some time for us and for that we are thankful. Thank you to final year students in Chemical Engineering for sharing some knowledge about our research paper.

Last but not least, we would also like to take the opportunity to thank the management of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) for providing good facilities such as the Information Resource Center (IRC), so that we could complete the research with sufficient materials


In working environment, stress is common problem encountered by workers. However, excessive stress can lead to unhealthy life. Apart from “adult worker”, it is believed that younger workers will enhance with higher level of stress due to lack of experience. Therefore, this study is conducted to find out the best way to manage stress. It is hypothesized that proper time management is the best way to reduce and manage stress for students who had undergone internship.

First and foremost, this study aims to determine the ways to handle stress during industrial training and which of it is the most effective one and the differences between male and female on how they manage stress. The management of stress is divided into four which are social support and relations, time management, stress management programs, and communication skills. A total of 18 fourth year chemical engineering students participated in this study. The instrument used for this study was questionnaire on the four basis of stress management during their industrial internship. It was hypothesized that time management was the best way to manage stress during internship. The findings of this research on the best way to manage stress are proper time management. The findings of this study can be used as a basis for developing a non-stressful schedule during internships; company can also provide a better medium for interns and workers to channel their stress in a positive way. It is recommended that the current institution must be able to expose student on the best way to manage stress during internships because this is the real life that students will experience in the future. In addition, university-industry collaboration must be enhancing to provide the internships student the current knowledge that industry demand in every worker that the company employed.

Table of Contents
1.1 Introduction6
1.2 Background of the Study6
1.3 Statements of the Problem6
1.4 Purpose of Study7
1.5 Significance of the Study7
1.6 Research Questions7
1.7 Summary7
2.1. Introduction8
2.2. Social Support and Relationships9
2.3. Time Management9
2.4. Stress Management Programs10
2.5. Communication Skills10
2.6. Summary10
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