Managing Project Quality and Project Risk

Topics: Project management, Management, Work breakdown structure Pages: 6 (1117 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Unit: 6 Final Projects
Charles Edwards
Kaplan University
Professor Chad McAllister, PhD
February 27, 2011

| Start DateDate: February 1, 2010End Date: February 1, 2011| Project Name: Project Office Automation| |
Project Manager: Charles EdwardsProject Sponsor: EMD Chemicals| Telephone #: 919-000-2551| PROJECT DEFINITION 
I am creating an office automation plan for the company EMD Chemicals who specialize in making pigments for paint. This company has been having problems relaying office information needed to accomplish basic task so that is why I am proposing my system. | CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS:|

1. Identify the minimum requirements to complete the system 2. Time to do proper research for all components| PROJECT GOALS:|
1. To have a state of the art office automation system that will not be outdated within a year's time and be able to be used for years to come. | PROJECT STRATEGY|
1. To do the proper research and analysis of all compatible equipment and pick the best available. 2. To be open with the employees and other interested stakeholders about the project and its goals. | COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY|

1. To develop a process to gather information from vendors 2. To keep notes of all communications from vendors and web research 3. Make a recommendation list from all vendors and websites | KEY COMPONENTS:|

1. Computers 2. Servers 3. Software 4. Wiring|
SCHEDULE: Will work on project in between school |
Project to be completed by February 1, 2011   |
BUDGET: 2 Million|
To be determined   |

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)|
| 1.1| 2.1| 3.1| 4.1| 5.1|
Concept:John/Charles| RPAnalyst| | | || Planning And Research:Charles| Project Manager| RP| | || Hardware and Software Development:Tim| Programmer| | RP| || System Testing and Installation:Charles/Tim/John| Project Group| | | RP|| Support: Sharon| Assistant| | | ||

R = Responsible organizational unit
P = Performing organizational unit
Project Constraints for project office automation
* Scheduling conflicts with end date
* Budget constraint of $2M
* Quality constraints with creating reports
* Staff resources will be available only on a part-time basis * Some project staff will not be experienced with the technical environment * Some project staff will not be experienced with the operating environment Assumptions

* Project staff resources will be available when and as they are needed * Required hardware resources will be available when and as they are needed * Project staff will be experienced with the technical environment * Project staff will be experienced with the operating environment * Access to industry experts and specialized skills will occur as needed * Equipment order lead times are known and can be expected to be met

Schedule and budget estimates

ID| Milestone| Date| Cost|
M1| Concept| 3/30/10| $200,000|
M2| Planning and Research| 5/30/10| $500,000|
M3| Hardware and Software Development| 8/30/10| $500,000| M4| System Testing and Installation| 11/30/10| $400,000| M5| Support and Delivery| 2/01/11| $400,000|

Stakeholder Communications Analysis
Stakeholders| Document Name| Document Format| Contact Person| Due| Charles/John| Project Initiation Plans| Hard copy/Email| Charles Edwards| February1, 2010 | Charles| Concept Report| Hard copy/Email| Charles Edwards| March 14, 2010| Charles/John| Planning and Research Report| Hard copy| Charles Edwards| May 3, 2010| Sharon| Status Reports| Hard copy/Email| Charles Edwards| Weekly| Tim| Hardware and Software Development Report| Hard...
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