Managing Project

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Bachelor of Art (Hons)

Business Management

SIM335 Managing Project

April 2011

Written by: Le Thi Hong Tram

Table of contents

Project Planning3

Timing of Activities and Total Float4

Project Duration and Critical Path6

Earliest Finish Date7

Delay of Project8

The Purpose of Network Diagram11


Project Planning

Network Diagram

Network diagram is a tool used to express detail all activities from start to end of a project. Activity-on-node is a project management term that refers to a precedence diagramming method which uses boxes to denote schedule activities. This is referred to as “finish-to-start” precedence – meaning one activity must be finished before the next one can start. And project about promote the organization in the South West of England of Jonijanti Ltd company will be express in below in the network diagram form. [pic]

Timing of Activities and Total Float

Timing of Activity:

The network diagram is started with the forward pass. The first step is to determine the earliest start time (EST) and earliest finish time (EFT). The EST for start is zero. The EFT is EST plus the duration equals. The EFT for an activity becomes the EST for the next activity. If the project has two activities occur in a same time, the bigger EFT is chosen. And the backward pass does the opposite. The lastest finish time (LFT) for the final activity in a project is equal to its EFT as determined by the forward pass. The LFT for any other activity is equal to the lastest start time (LST) of the activities directly following it. The LST of an activity is equal to its LFT minus the time required to perform the activity.

Total Float

Total float is the number of days an activity can be delayed without delaying the project completion date. Project management must always keep this number in mind to ensure that the project will be finished on time. In order to determine the total float, based on the formula:

Total float = LFT – EST – duration

|Activity |Earliest Finish Time |Lastest Finish Time |Float | |A |4 |4 |0 | |B |8 |8 |0 | |C |6 |16 |10 | |D |10 |16 |6 | |E |9 |16 |7 | |F |16 |16 |0 | |G |26 |26 |0 | |H |33 |33 |0 | |I |39 |39 |0 | |J |38 |39 |1 | |K |46 |46 |0 | |L |60 |60 |0 | |M |68 |68 |0 | |N |70 |70 |0 | |O |72 |78 |6 | |P...
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