Managing Performance and Underperformance

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Managing Performance

1. Briefly explain your role in performance management
a. Ensure staff is clear about what is expected from them b. Setting smart objectives to ensure they are fully focused on what they have to do c. Monitoring progress of objectives set and offer guidelines and advice how to complete them. d. Offer the staff with the resources to achieve the objectives such as training, one on one coaching and also time. e. Give feedback – positive and developmental

f. Managing underperformance.
2. Give an example of SMART you have agreed for your team g. To sell 100 set menus from the 1st January 2013 until the 15th January 2013. h. To increase the average spend per head by £0.20 pence per head from the 1st January 2013 until the 15th January 2013. 3. Give an example of performance standard you have agreed for your team i. All staffs to complete and pass with a minimum of 90% in the telephone enquiry test before the 14th January 2013. 4. Explain how you would measure performance against these standards j. By having a mistery shopper calling the shop to check if the standard are up to the level and having a score on these standards 5. Select an example of underperformance that has occurred in your workplace and explain a performance improvement technique that you used to address this variance k. Underperformance : Mr x in charge of receiving all deliveries, ensuring that what we ordered is accounted for and ensuring that all invoices are amended as per delivery. However for the past few weeks, he has not done so and his performance for the past few weeks has been affecting the stock and making the shop losing money. l. Performance improvement technique: Five steps approach i. Describe the problem to the Mr X and explaining how his performances has been affecting the shop stock and also how the shop been losing money...
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