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The objective of this report is to consider two companies and conduct a comprehensive comparison between the two in terms of their management styles. In achieving this objective, Institute of Java & Technological Studies, which is a service organization and Jacobi Lanka, which is a manufacturing organization have been considered. The first section compares and contrasts the two companies’ management practices pertaining to planning, organizing, leading and controlling aspects. Secondly, the key strengths and shortcomings with respect to each of the above areas in the two selected organizations have been identified, linking to internal and external factors affecting their business.

Thirdly, a meaningful linkage among the vision, mission, key strategies, critical success factors and execution challenges of each company have been brought into discussion.

Finally, a set of key improvements for both the organizations that were considered have been recommended highlighting specific outputs and outcomes. 2.0 Company Overview
The two companies that are in discussion are the Institute of Java and Technological Studies which is a service organization and Jacobi Lanka which is a manufacturing organization. Below is an overview of the two companies. 2.1 Institute of Java & Technological Studies

Established in the year 2005, IJTS is now the pioneering and leading institute in Sri Lanka offering Java Technology training programs and related technologies for Java software Development. IJTS is the only professional organization in Sri Lanka which is fully dedicated for Java technology training programs. Today IJTS is the world's largest Java school among dedicated Java Technology providers with a registered number of student base of over 4000 in its five branches located in 5 main cities of Sri Lanka, namely Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala, Galle and Panadura. 2.2 Jacobi Lanka

Jacobi Carbon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Jacobi Carbon AB Sweden and it is in the Activated Carbon Industry. It manufactures activated carbon using coconut shell charcoal and produce value added activated carbon using imported coconut based, coal based and wood based activated carbon. Jacobi is a 100% export oriented company and all of its product range is sold through the parent company and other sister companies based in all continents of the world. Jacobi Lanka commenced its commercial operation in Sri Lanka by establishing a high tech state of the art manufacturing plant in Nattandiya in Puttlam District. Jacobi Carbons Lanka has faced many critical challenges since pre operation stages and despite all those challenges it had been able to reach to the heights as to the largest exporter of activated carbon in Sri Lanka which is due to the exceptional leadership, committed work force and various strategies undertaken by the Management. 3.0 Planning

Planning is the systematic steps towards achieving a goal or objective. So it is vital to have a goal or an objective to indicate the direction that where you should be heading. Hence to reach or accomplish the desired objectives one may need an action plan or strategy.

Planning is considered as the most fundamental management function. Hence it is the stepping stone in managing organizations. One may need to have a well defined plan before going into the other functions of management such as organizing, leading and control. That is because planning gives the organization and its members a sense of direction as to what needs to be done, when and how it needs to be done and who should do it.

In a typical organization planning process starts with a mission statement and the setting up of strategic goals or objectives for the organization as a whole.

In the following table we will compare and contrast the planning process of IJTS and JACOBI. 3.1 Strategic planning
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