Managing Organizational Change

Topics: Organizational structure, Change management, Strategic management Pages: 10 (3532 words) Published: June 1, 2010
Managing Organizational Change

Zaid Mulki
AWR, 1
Business Administration
Spring 2010

1. Introduction4
2. Definition of Organization Change5
3. Types of Organizational Change5
3.1. Strategic Change5
3.2. Structural Change6
3.3. Technological Change7
3.4. Behavioral Change8
4. Change Process9
4.1. Kurt Lewin9
4.2. The Change Implementation Model10
5. Obstacles to Change.11
6. Managing Change12
6.1. Commitment12
6.2. Involvement13
6.3. Communication13
7. Conclusion14

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Recently, Managerial perspectives have shed a light upon the continuous changes affecting organization internally and externally. Different studies have been carried out to show how important it is to face these changes on a managerial level as an effective response. While certain studies showed the importance of taking the behavioral changes into consideration, other studies focused on implementing the change as a lifecycle including the behavioral change as part of it. This paper provides key factors concerning the change process as a whole, and sheds a light on effective methods of implementing the change in order for organizations to achieve the desirable and outstanding performance required.

1. Introduction:
Change has been proved to be an inevitable part of organizations lives, no organization can survive without facing it and managing strategies to respond in an efficient and effective way. Many organizations are failing to survive and fleeing out of the marker as a result, since strategies are not well formulated to face such events. Various topics have been written and discussed about change recently. Harvard business school has published a study on this essence, showing the importance of change management across different industries, the paper focused on the point that Accepting the necessity and inevitability of change enables different industries to see times of transition not as threats but as opportunities—opportunities for reinventing the company and its culture. Spector (2010) showed that implementing organizational change has emerged as a core competency for corporate executives(P. Preface VII). Although different studies have showed that change management is a vital and inevitable issue, different studies have focused on various methodologies in order for change to be successful. Kurt Lewin suggested through his three-step theory that change management must focus on altering patterns of employee behavior (Spector, 2010). Lippitt, Watson and Westley (1958) focus more on the role and responsibility of the change agent than on the evolution of the change itself (Kritsonis, 2004). The purpose of this study is to show the importance of managing change and implementing effective strategies through the understanding of different aspects of change including strategic, structural, technological and behavioral, which are of a great importance for leaders of change in implementing their strategies in a way that achieves the outstanding performance required.

2. Definition of Organization Change:
“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change” Charles Darwin. Just like species an organization is one single unit embedded in environment, which imposes changes on it that cannot be ignored; organizations survive and keep on achieving their goals when they pay extra attention to the environment whether it is external or internal. Change occurred on organizational level encompasses different examples, such as merger with or acquisition of another company, expanding the organizational functions on international level, going green etc. In such cases organizations can never keep on the same old strategy in dealing with any type of change, organizational change is required in order to adapt to the new situation and achieve the desired results. According...
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