Managing Organizational Change

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Running head: Managing Organizational Change

NRT IT Department

Clayton Ward

Executive Summary

This paper will discuss my time and position with Nation Real Estate Trust (NRT). NRT was my first true job after entering the Information Technology (IT) field. NRT is a nationwide company and I worked in the San Ramon, California division, it covered the Northern California. The company grew to own certain Coldwell Bankers and Century 21 Real Estate offices in California and the Nevada during my employment. Notice I said certain offices and locations, as they were precise about the areas in which the offices were located and the revenue produced within these offices. I started out as a temporary worker assigned to office system rollouts. I worked this position for about 3 months before I hired on with the company as Systems Administrator and given a field service region in the San Jose area. Shortening the story, I stayed there four plus years, ending with a promotion to Head of Field Services. In this roll I opened, upgraded, and maintained the computer networks for a number of Coldwell Banks and Century offices in California and Nevada. While working at NRT I watched the company expand its reach into many areas. This meant opening new offices and gutting others of electronic equipment, viewing policy and personnel changes. Many of these changes happened in my own department. These growths or expansions stated to cause conflict with the company’s Vision and Mission Statements:


The Preferred Gateway for Exceptional Real Estate Experiences


NRT is a family of companies dedicated to creating exceptional real estate experiences for our customers and communities through the passionate delivery of truly remarkable service.

We pledge to promote a fun, fulfilling and respectful environment, one that is open to change and innovation, providing personal growth opportunities for all.

Assessment / Analysis

I believe NRT’s method of change is based on Change Manger as Director, Out of the six images of change, I think this one fits best because it is based on an image of management as control and of change outcomes as being achievable and supported by the n-step models and contingency theory. The demand for better customer satisfaction and refinement of processes grew more revenant, as growth took place within corporate and field offices. The growth generated a need to put better policies and procedures in place to address these needs. In addition, Change Manger as Director was chosen because the first change that was implemented was a new department manager from outside the company. This change brought forth other changes that were spearheaded by his visions. These changes will be discussed in detail later.

The implemented change I would like to focus on is restructuring or reorganization of the Service Help Desk located within IT at the corporate office in San Ramon, California. The helpdesk works hand and hand with the field service technicians on completing service customer problems at corporate headquarters and in field office locations. There became an existing need for better phone support and field service accountability. As the company expanded, the need for more personnel, more efficient ticket tracking, better trouble reporting and quicker response time soon became more urgent. Many weaknesses within the current system, and procedures were exposed and some things needed addressing quickly to ensure continued customer satisfaction. It was apparent, things needed to change to keep up with growth and the support demand. These are just some of the issues that stood out, and cried for immediate attention. A lot of time has passed and I did not play a major role with the company at this time therefore I cannot accurately state what assessments or analysis that were completed to...
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