Managing Life as Pakistani Woman

Topics: Gender, Human rights, Islam Pages: 5 (1627 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Managing Life as Pakistani Woman

“Pakistani Woman Striving for her Identity”

No one can deny the role of woman in every society, for the success it is very important to focus on providing a controlled freedom to woman in order to progress and let them prove to be a productive element in the success of her respective country. If we review the developed nations then we can totally be aware of the key element which let them to being a symbolic nation, which was they provide rights to woman by such they able to utilize every member of their nation to provide a proficient input in the development of their respective states. Pakistan now a day progressing in each and every field, strong embedment of Non Government Organizations here proves to be a vital support for providing the fundamental rights to women of Pakistan, but still there are many elements which are continuously creating hurdles in the way of creating an environment which let woman to work freely and to choose career where they can perform best. In Pakistan the story of a woman’s deprivations start even before her birth, where most of the girl fetuses are aborted. The lucky ones who survive are mostly “unwanted” children. Their life is a journey of subordination. While being young her parents, grandparents, elder family females, family males, and brothers decide for them on matters ranging from the very thinking to decisions and choices. Most women in Pakistan don’t have choices starting from choice meals to choice males. Before marriages they are under strict watching eyes and are always thought doubtful in character especially when ones are school going, smiling on other males. In this secondary status treatment and doubts their marriages are arranged by the families. After marriage, her husband and her in-laws get hold of her reins and decide matters on her behalf; like shall she or shall she not have a child every year, or whether she would produce only boys, or whether she can seek independent employment and so on. Finally when she becomes old and her husband gets weak or may have gone already, it is her son or sons who decide her fate in the declining years of her life. As if this is not enough, the whole society acts as an oppressor, browbeating her into obedience. Thus, the word “woman” in Pakistan is synonymous with “endurance.” She simply forced to accept certain bare facts of life once she grows up to be a woman. Be it on streets, or for that matter in restaurants, a woman is first and foremost required to be alert. It is best to try and not notice, women are told. According to Hina Jilani, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist, “the right to life of women in Pakistan is conditional on their obeying social norms and traditions.”

Now, particularly if we talk about the Pakistan then the bullets below will categorize the basic facts which may face by each Pakistani woman in order to selecting and managing her social, economical and career life effectively: 1. Appropriate Education

Getting education is the fundamental right of each person; even Islam has ordered us to gain the education. But in Pakistan it is the most fundamental dilemma that people here does not give importance to the providing education especially to woman. According to United Nation’s survey it is calculated that Pakistan’s literacy rate is 60%, which is an alarming situation for each nation according to the on-going race of technologies. If a woman never got the appropriate education then how could she be able to stand in that pre-mentioned race or how could she let her prove as the productive element for her state. That is the reason which initially bound each woman to remain behind in the initial phase of selecting the proficient career for them.

2. Religious Bounds
In Pakistan, mostly people raise the issue that Muslim woman must follow certain obligations and in respect to this no one allows them to work freely. Yes it is quiet true that as being Muslim each woman must...
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