Managing Information Systems Case Study Ch. 9-Thl

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Dawn Ruedy Case Study Ch. 9 THL
1. A. The benefits of having policy determined by rules rather than computer codes is the application programs in the Aurora system access and process the business rules when deciding vehicle availability. With rules being arranged and easy to use, an analyst is able to alter reservation policies without technical support from personnel. B. Some consequences of an incorrect rule being entered are blocking the correct vehicle from being rented, incorrect recommendations by renting the wrong vehicle in the wrong location. As a result, business analysts may be unable to help customers. These mistakes could end up being very expensive for THL, costing them revenue by not being able to provide their customers with the correct services. Unfortunately, this could also throw future reports off that THL depends on. Some of these reports include vehicles that are to be checked out and returned to each rental location, which vehicles need to be transferred to a different location and which ones need maintenance. C. If I managed the reservation system at THL, I would use the Expert systems process for the modification of rules. By applying the If/Then rules and processing those rules to make a diagnosis or recommendation, decision making would be improved by the nonexperts by encoding, saving and processing expert knowledge. 2. A. The value $3,697 is the total of the car rental brands Maui ($1,577) and Britz ($2,121) in Australia in April of 2005. $1,577 is the dollar amount spent on the Maui car rental package in Australia in 2005 and $2,121 is the dollar amount spent on the Britz car rental package. B. The Britz package is more popular package than the Maui package in Australia. THL is making no money on the Backpacker and Explore More packages. New Zealand rentals are more profitable. C. If the first column (geographic area) was switched with the third column (brand), I think on the left AU and NZ would be seen. Then,...
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