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1. What are the challenges faced by Right when the downsizing effort no longer is a popular human resource strategy? a. Currently it does not seem like Right has an alternative plan for providing a service for HR departments other than recommitment. Their sole business is to help business’s manage change mostly due to downsizing. They will have to come up with a new business strategy or downsize themselves. Right seems to have found a market of helping people manage the change that has occurred since the 80’s, and not to say it won’t continue in business, but they are in the business of change, so they need a strong back-up plan; a way to restructure.

2. What conflicts do you see between a company of this type and a firm’s human resources department? b. They are doing the actual work of a company’s HR department. Human resource departments are typically the ones of the company who are advising the downsized employees, advise the rest of the company, define the strategy of the company and help people with their retirements as a result of the downsizing or merger. It seems to be a conflict because the outside Right company can negate the in-house HR’s status and make it look to the rest of the company unequipped to handle the task.

3. What do you recommend Right do at this time to prepare for the future? c. Right needs another branch in their business model. They need to come up with a plan to help companies with other aspects of their business aside from the mergers or downsizing. Possibly help train the HR departments in retirement essentials, how to recruit top talent or even how to continuously train employees to make companies stronger. I would advise dipping their toes in the other ventures sooner rather than later, so that if and when companies stop the downsizing model, Right will be poised to take over another avenue. If they perfect the other branches now, they will not be left scrambling and they will have already built a...
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