Managing Health and Safety at Work

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Managing Health and Safety at work
Review of health and safety roles and responsibilities
Regulatory Reform (fire safety) order (2005) RR(FS)O requires the responsible person to carry out a fire risk assessment including measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and identify persons at risk. Another piece of legislation is the health and safety at work act (1974) provide and maintain a safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees, and to provide such information. It is the responsibility of all employees to help in making this policy effective. A duty the law imposed on my team is making sure that if there is an incident an accident /incident report and first aid forms are filled out. This makes sure that everything is recorded including witness statements and the person involved statement. It allows us to look back at the incident and try to prevent it from happening again. Another duty imposed on my team is making sure that they clearly display wet floor signs or cleaning in progress signs to avoid customers hurting themselves. It will warn the customers of the slippery surface so they can take proper care. It can help with warning other staffs as well. A duty imposed on me as a manager in relation to health and safety are making sure the employees especially the cleaner aware of COSSH. Make the information clearly visible in the staff room and cleaner’s room. This will help prevent or reduce the risk of employee’s exposure to hazardous substances by finding out what the health hazards are, providing control measures to reduce harm to health, providing information, instructions and training for employees and others, planning for emergencies and also keeping all control measures in good working order. Another duty imposed on me as a manager is conducting health and safety check every morning I open the gym. Making sure the gym is a safe environment for me, my staff and the customers.

As a manager I need to...
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