Managing for Competitive Advantages

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Managing for competitive advantages 1


1. Innovation is the introduction of goods and services.
2. Quality is the excellence of goods and services, quality incudes preventing defects before they occur. 3. Service is the speed and dependability in which an organization delivers what customers want. 4. Speed is a fast and timely execution, response and delivery of results. Corporate speed often separates the winners from the losers in business. 5. Cost competitiveness means pricing your products lower than all competitor products.


I just recently started a new job at the dupont experimental station this is a different type of Cleaning service that I am use to doing I am use to working in hotels. The quality of service that They expect from me is excellent cleaning service, I am very reliable for making sure the bathrooms are cleaned offices are dusted and vacuumed so that it meets the customers standards. I give quality cleaning service the service that I give is very dependable and I do my job in a Timely manner the cost competitiveness keeps cost low to save money for the company.

1. Continue giving quality service to my employer.
2. Doing my job in a timely manner to keep cost down.

3. Continue being reliable and dependable throughout my employment with the company. These strategies will benefit me in my future career in the hospitality industry when I graduate from fortis college with my degree.
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