Managing Finances for a Better Future

Topics: Investment, Problem solving, Finance Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Managing Finances for a Better Future
In American society, we are encouraged to save money for a better future. However, in my life I have encountered problems with managing my personal finances. In the past, I spent my money irresponsibly. Despite making a decent salary, it was a challenge trying to maintain my financial responsibilities and not something I was very concerned about. I felt as though I was living paycheck to paycheck, when the reality was I simply did a poor job of managing my funds. Now that I have grown up and have a son, my expenses have increased tremendously. Although he is my biggest joy, having to take care of him has worsened my inability to manage and save money properly. When I should be saving money for his college education, instead I spent $500 on toys for Christmas. Therefore, learning how to effectively manage my finances is vitally important in order to secure a healthy and rewarding future for myself and my son. Information to Resolve My Daily Problem

As I consider how to resolve my constant problem of saving money, I have identified these information sources as possible resources: 1. I would use my 401(k) investment catalog to discover more information about how to invest money into different stocks and bonds. 2. I would contact Diana Marrero-Pinto, Director of Housing at the Lorain County Community Action Agency, Inc. to register for the Budgeting Bootcamp seminar. 3. I would search the Internet for reliable resources on how to save money in a bad economy. I would look for such resources in the following manner. I would contact my 401(k) representative to schedule a meeting to discuss my account and possible investments. I would contact Diana Marrero-Pinto to discuss the Budgeting Bootcamp seminar and other training opportunities. I would visit the University of Phoenix Library for articles and book excerpts on budgeting and saving money. Process for Evaluating My Resources

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