Managing Fifteen

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Managing ‘Fifteen’
Using the Mintzberg’s classification of ten essential managerial roles, the different roles played by Jamie Oliver as a manager can be analysed in ‘Fifteen’. Jamie Oliver is running the restaurants ‘Fifteen’ and using the Mintzberg’s classification, it will show how Jamie Oliver is running the business quite successfully. Mintzberg believes that there are 6 purposes why there should be a manager in a business. First to ensure the organisation serves its purpose. Second, design and maintain the stability of operations. Third, take charge of strategy-making and adaptation to changing environment. Fourth, to ensure the organisation serves the ends of those who control it. Fifth, be the key informational link between the organisation and the environment. Finally, to have formal authority to operate the organisation’s status system ( Mullins, 2007).

Jamie Oliver plays many roles which are included in the Mintzberg’s classification. Mintzberg’s ten classifications roles are categorised into 3 sections (Knights & Willmott, 2007). The first is the interpersonal category. There are 3 different roles under the interpersonal category. First one is figurehead. This role played by Jamie can be seen through his personality. Oliver image is that of a tousled, cheeky but hugely enthusiastic lad-made-good but some of the incidents show Jamie has some brilliant managerial skills. Secondly, throughout episodes, one can see Jamie as a leader. A leader is someone who energises, inspire and motivate others in the organisation and Jamie is seen inspiring and motivating others in throughout episodes. It is about creating a culture as well as taking authority and responsibility. Jamie wants good results from his students so this can be seen in the kitchen when Jamie is giving orders to his team. Third is liaison. Liaison allows managers to create business links and relationships with internal and external sources. The links play an important part when Jamie...
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