Managing Employment Relationship Depends on an Effective Hrm Function. Explain Why.

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Past Paper 2011.
Managing employment relationship depends on an effective HRM function. Explain why. Employee relationship management is a process that companies use to effectively manage all interactions with employees, ultimately to achieve the goals of the organization. HRM is the function within an organisation that concentrates on recruitment, management and providing direction for the people who work in the organisation. It includes all management decisions and actions that affect the relationship between the organisation and the workers. Therefore the human resources department can play a critical role in this process, in terms of training managers and executives and develop relationships with employees and in measuring and monitoring those relationships to determine whether objectives are being met. First of all, the individual taking care of the HR activities plays a key role in involving all the employees into something productive which would give them an opportunity to know each other well. Individuals are so engrossed in their daily routine work that they hardly get time to interact with each other. Many of them don’t even know the full names of the person sitting next to their workstations. The effective human resource department must ensure that several group activities are being organized at the workplace to bring all employees together and therefore improve their relationship. Secondly, the task of an effective HRM department is to ensure that every employee is satisfied with his/her job responsibilities as they tend to remain happy and avoid any conflicts at workplace. Individuals develop a feeling of trust and loyalty towards their organization and don’t waste their time and energy in unproductive tasks. Thirdly, the effective HR department assumes effective communication with its employees. The communication plays an important role in organisation. If managers speak to their employees and discuss any ideas, employees will feel as the part of...
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