Managing Creative Employees in Advertising Agencies

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Managing creative employees in Advertising Agencies|
Essay for HRM|
Ekta Sachdev, 12PGDM018, IMI Delhi|

Being creative is of utmost importance in today’s world. Creative people are dynamic, strive for perfection and are highly motivated. They have diverse interests and engage in hobbies which require concentration. They dislike being policed. They are not afraid of taking risks and making a mistake. They can easily examine things impartially and objectively. Creative people create priceless value. These people act with purpose. They have lots of small ideas, continuously. They have loads of small ideas. We have loads of small ideas and so instead of keep searching for one good idea we can use these so as to get more variety. They reframe. Creative people like diversity, they like to work in a varied group and would mostly help to increase productivity and enhance work. As it is said “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. It means that you need to keep on learning and always not sit easily without any thought and better is to search for new ideas and live to enhance the productivity. It is hard to manage creative people due to two reasons:

They are very independent-minded. Most of them would not like being told what to do, so they don’t like to be managed. As a manager one needs to manage these kind of people very carefully and effectively. Creative people don’t like to be managed. Freedom of thought and action are highly correlated with creativity. If one tries to manage creativity, you may actually land up killing it. Second is that creativity is unpredictable and risky. And as a manager one is under pressure to minimize risks and deliver predictable results. It is not easy to balance things like such. It is necessary to find a way as to allow people to have a certain amount of creative liberty while still maintaining the results and also acknowledging the risks at hand. For giving freedom and let them grow and blossom, it is necessary to : 1) Give creative people time to be creative:  one thing is for sure that creativity happens when human resources can turn off their conscious mind and let their subconscious wander. No two people have the same method of fuelling their creative juices. It takes time also it doesn’t happen if people have their strict schedules so profoundly booked and organized that they don’t have the ability to let subconscious do its thinking. Creative people need time every second and hour free of other responsibilities, to do what they want to do to get creative people thinking. As long as the keep up the standards and have been providing excellent results then time should not be a barrier. They should be given ample time to improve upon the ideas. 2) People should collaborate: And example of this is that the group of The Beatles, was far more successful than any individual Beatle was later as a solo act. It is necessary to collectively do a job. It is so because the collective energy of a group is often greater and more than the simple sum of the individual parts. The successful sports teams have proven this all the time also it is true in the business world. Anything one can do to encourage the creative people to collaborate together – to work as a team, brainstorms and share ideas. It pays off with a better end product. But also they require time to do this too to collaborate and think as a group. 3) Always give the right guidance about what is the aim of the work: Creative people want a beginning point and so it always is helpful if you can give them a broad outline of what you want and what is the objective that needs to be achieved – as Apple did with their heads they made a team together and then asked them to design a MP3 player which was then used as an iPod. Obviously, creativity isn’t always about free form always and so anything you do to help narrow the outlines of what you want from your team will help focus their...
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