Managing Conflicts Within Groups

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Organisational Behavior Individual Course Paper |
Lim Jin Sheng Jason|
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In order to meet the requirements of the individual assignment, this paper uses a specific project management experience to highlight some of the main organisational behaviour (OB) concepts in a real-world professional setting. The two main OB concepts chosen are:

a) Managing Conflicts within Groups
b) Multi-Party, Multi-issue Decision Making Framework

In doing so, it is hoped that this paper will highlight the importance of utilizing these OB concepts in other similar situations encountered in the future.

Professional Work Experience

My professional experience involves managing acquisition and R&D projects for the armed forces, under the Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA). DSTA is the national authority for centralized defense procurement and related R&D under the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) in Singapore. My specific roles include managing projects related to naval systems and scouring the local/overseas defence industry for emerging naval technologies. For example, if the plans department in the Singapore Navy requires a certain naval craft to meet their operational requirements in the near term, my department will spearhead this initiative by helping to source the market for such a product, purchase it and deliver it to the users.

The whole process basically involves the following:

a) Get approval for the operational requirements and budget to fund the acquisition project. b) Source the market for companies who are able to provide such products or services, evaluate their bids and negotiate for the eventual contract. c) Perform acceptance testing for the product/service before delivering the product/service to the end users.

Managing Conflicts within Groups

Before the initiation of a project, the envisioned operational requirements for the weapon system/service and budget...
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