Managing Children's Behaviour

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Human behavior Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: May 14, 2011
When children go to preschool, they have to sit still, listen to the teacher and their classmates, understand and obey rules, and get along with others. Many of these children were unprepared to meet these new expectation when they first arrive at a preschool. These are some of the reasons for behavioural issues in preschool. Teachers who encounter these children may not have received much training in classroom management and may not know how to help them change their behaviour. Therefore, the teacher may respond with frustration and anger, inadvertently creating more problems. The teachers may in turn feel stressed and unsupported. Disruptive behaviours like hitting, complaining and disobeying will be discussed in details.

Children may hit others or themselves for a variety of reasons in order to gain attention. Children get angry easily as they have a lack of self-control. Younger children in particular may sometimes have trouble communicating. This is because they may not know the words to describe how they feel or what they want, therefore they act out their feeling s or needs. Analysis of child management approach and benefits and challenges of such approach will also be discussed further. An eclectic approach is a combination of strategies and not a one size fits all approach. It has active involvement and can select the most appropriate strategy for a specific child at a specific time. Different discipline encounters will need different strategies. An eclectic approach also uses the decision-making model of child guidance. It identifies the problem and problem ownership.
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