Managing Change Journal Review

Topics: Change management, Organization, Scientific method Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: December 7, 2012
BSB10178-3 Managing and Leading Change
Journal Review
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Angela van der Heijden, Jacqueline M. Cramer, Peter P.J. Driessen, (2012),"Change agent sensemaking for sustainability in a multinational subsidiary", Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol. 25 Iss: 4 pp. 535 – 559

Van der Heijden et al (2012) “Purpose – This paper seeks to improve the understanding of implementation processes that achieve corporate sustainability by providing explanatory knowledge about the role of change agents from a sensemaking perspective. The paper also aims to focus on the sustainability efforts of change agents in a multinational carpet tile manufacturer.” (pg 535). The journal is clearly directed at academics who are interested in change management as it is printed in a academic journal and requires prior knowledge of the subject to interpret the purpose. The article is centred on one specific organisation in the private manufacturing industry, a Dutch subsidiary of an American carpet tile manufacturer aiming for sustainability with no negative impact on the environment by 2020. The concepts derived from the journal build on Low, M (2012) Lecture notes using the Falconer theory (2002) that “change is unpredictable” (pg7). These aspects of change, or otherwise known as emergent change, are based on communication, action and building organisational relationships . Van der Heijden et al (2012) states that ”Although studies based on a planned change approach offer valuable insights, they largely ignore the ad hoc, unpredictable aspects of organisational change” (pg 535). The authors develop their framework from their own previously gathered data from 2010 in which they highlighted that change agents play a vital role in sustainability sensemaking. 6) Methodology

The methodology is based upon empirical research as the study was conducted through observation; it was derived by collecting a series of qualitative data over a ten year period including...
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