Managing Change in Achieving Organisational Success in the 21st Century

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“Managing Change in achieving organisational success in the 21st Century”

The importance of Organisational Development

Managing Globally and Locally (MBA 5710)
Lecture : Professor Beth Walker
Class : Monday / 17.30 – 20.30 pm
Student Name : Caroline Listijo
Student Number : 10256815
Assignment Due Date : 7 May 2012

5.1.Definitions of Organisational Development (OD)5
5.2.The Objectives of Organisational Development (OD)6
5.3.Stage of Organisational Development (OD)6
5.4.Interventions by change agents7
5.5.Internal and external change agent9


This literature review is undertaken as part of Management Globally and Locally Unit (MBA 5710) to find evidence to support the idea that Organisational Development is one of the tools that can be utilised to manage change in order to achieve the organisational success in the 21st century (Samson & Daft, 2012). Mulili & Wong (2011) believe that Organisational Development (OD) is a good way which facilitates the organizations to upgrade their capacity and increase their potentiality. Additionally, Beckhard cited in Grieves (2010, p.23) states that “such change strategy were 'managed from the top' in order to 'increase organizational effectiveness and health' through interventions in the organization's processes using behavioural science knowledge”. OD has been a controversial field from 1969 until now and this means that the definitions of it are quite broad, but only a few authors still attempt to analyze the definitions because they are more interested in the outcomes (Egan, 2002). This literature review will focus on the definitions that relate to the interventions of a change agent or OD practitioner. Andriopoulos & Dawson (2009) claim that the utilisation of a change agent (specialist agent) to manage change has been one of the common objectives of OD's programmes.

In the 21st Century, changing environment becomes a major challenge to every organisation in daily basis, which automatically requires the organisation to deal with it in order to survive, internally and externally. This topic is important since still there are many organisations that are facing major changes to their organisation's values, culture or leadership style, and are experiencing organizational anxiety and low trust (Schifo, 2007). This literature review will look in a particular way to help organisation to cope with the change through having a change agent. Additionally, there are some OD's interventions that should be considered by the organisation as their strategies to achieve their goals or organisation's effectiveness (Wirtenberg, Lipsky, Abrams, Conway, & Slepian, 2007). Some specific interventions that can contribute to success are facilitated mediation, trust and team-building, and individual or group coaching (Schifo, 2007).


The main objective of this literature review is to show the influence of developing Organisational Development as a strategic way for organisation to manage change, with the assistant of Change Agent. The following objectives have been set to confirm that the literature supports this argument. ← To explore the definitions of Organisational Development which have a connection with the organisational success (effectiveness) and change agent.

← To demonstrate the Organisational Development's role and interventions by a change agent or OD practitioners within the organisation that will support their aim to reach the goals.

← To present the evidence through research finding that there is a connection between Organisational Development's interventions and Organisational Success.


The key references for...
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