Managing Change Ethically

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Coming in 2007 from Harvard Business School Publishing The latest management blockbuster from the co-author of Competing for the Future, and the author of Leading the Revolution.

Gary Hamel The Future of Management
With Bill Breen

Harvard Business School Press


The Economist magazine labels Gary Hamel “the world’s reigning strategy guru.” Fortune calls Hamel “the world’s leading expert on business strategy,” and the Financial Times says Hamel is “a management innovator without peer.” As the author of such concepts as “core competence,” “strategic intent,” and “industry revolution,” Hamel has changed the language and practice of management around the world. Now, in his boldest book to date, Hamel sets out the agenda for management in the 21st century. Calling for nothing less than a revolution in how large organizations are structured, managed and led, Hamel provides a clear blueprint for building companies that are: As nimble as change itself, innovative from top to bottom, and awe-inspiring places to work. Drawing on his latest research, Hamel demonstrates that it is innovation in management—rather than in operations, products or strategies—that is most likely to create long-term advantage. Building on this insight, he describes in detail how a company can get a head start on the future by building tomorrow’s best practices today. In The Future of Management, you will gain a detailed understanding of . . .  The make or break challenges that will determine competitive success in an age of relentless, head-snapping change.  The toxic effects of the industrial age management beliefs that still predominate in most companies.  The unconventional management practices that are generating breakthrough results in a handful of “modern management pioneers.”  The radically new management principles that must become part of every company’s “management DNA.”  The ways in which the Internet will turn traditional management roles upside down and inside out.  The practical steps your company can start taking now to build its own 21st century “management advantage.” The Future of Management is richly illustrated with examples from Google, W.L. Gore, Whole Foods, IBM, Samsung, Best Buy and other blue-ribbon management innovators. And, like Hamel’s previous path-breaking books, it overflows with penetrating insights and essential advice.


Excerpts from

The Future of Management
“As much as we might deplore “bureaucracy,” it still constitutes the organizing principle for virtually every commercial organization in the world, yours included. And while managers here and there may work to ameliorate some of its stultifying effects, there are few who can imagine a root-and-branch alternative.” _____________________ “When it comes to innovation, most companies have a barn-sized blind spot. Perversely, the sorts of innovation that are least likely to produce long-term competitive advantage—operational innovation and product innovation—are those that get the most attention. Yet if you accept the lessons gleaned from 700 years of military conflict and a century-plus of industrial competition, it is management innovation that yields the biggest, longest-lasting performance advantages.” _____________________ “Management innovation yields an enduring advantage when one or more of three conditions are met: the innovation is based on a novel management principle which challenges some long-standing orthodoxy; the innovation is systemic, encompassing a range of processes and methods; and/or the innovation is part of an ongoing program of rapidfire invention where progress compounds over time.” _____________________ “Over the coming decades, an accelerating pace of change will test the resilience of every society, organization and individual. Luckily, perturbations create opportunities as well as challenges. But the balance of promise and peril confronting any particular organization will depend on its capacity for adaptation....
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