Managing Change

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Pre-Course Assignment
Managing Change
BSc16 (E) Kevin Hadiono – 11210506 3/5/2012


Mr. Mogan Swamy

Introduction The word ‘change’ might sounds very simple and easy to most of us. In reality, it is quite the contrary; to change is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies, both large and small, ever. Companies, in respond to their internal and external challenges, are trying to make a transformation effort to be a better competitor. John P. Kotter, a Harvard Professor who has spent 30 years observing the process of change, came out with a journal and later a book titled Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail. His article is basically talking about what distinguish between the successful effort and failed effort. He believed that there is a critical difference between them. The journal article focused on 8 reasons/phases that companies should use as guidelines in order to succeed during the transformation process. This report will further critique and discuss about the journal content and methodology.

Article Critique John P. Kotter has come out with a journal of Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail. This journal is containing an analysis of reasons of why do a lot of companies who has gone through a transformation effort tend to fail. Along with those reasons, are phases or steps that companies need to consider before and during the transformation process. John P. Kotter discovered that there is a critical difference between those companies who were successful with the change effort and those who failed. Kotter came out with 8 phases and reasons that companies need to look at. These 8 phases can be distinguished into 2; the successful effort and the failed effort. The summarized phases are: Phase 1: A Sense of Urgency According to Kotter, the first phase is the most important phase and yet the phase where most companies fail. It is when someone in the company noticed that there is...
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