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Managing Change

By | November 2012
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Introduction to the Assignment
Change acts an absolutely crusual role in business. It is important to identify the need of change and make necessary adjustments to businesses’ strategy on right time in order to survive the competition and stay on business. In the process of managing change managers have to act a major role, in regardless of the type change about to happen in the organization.. Even if the organization has gone through many change programs, employees might started to feel tired, as a result work quality and productivity can be affected badly. So making change is important, but you have to make it in a right way. Otherwise things can drag in to a much more worse situation. So the managing change should be delicately handled, neither too soft nor too hard. In this assignment it take a look in to the recent change took place in Lucky Lanka Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. What king of a change has been taken place in the company, how it made an impact to the company and the strengths and weeknesses of the change made will be disscussed in detail through out this report. Introduction to the Company

Lucky Lanka milk processing (Pvt) Ltd has established in the year 1991 as one of the small scale businesses in Sri Lanka. Lucky Lanka has started its operations in Kamburupitiya which is far from capital city of the country. Since the company is mainly related to agro business the company has become successful day by day. Further, the company is providing best employment opportunities for neighbor farmers and other individuals. In terms of the company products, yoghurt is the major product of them. The company has done various types of yoghurt productions such as milk yoghurt, treacle yoghurt, “Kiri” yoghurt, fresh fruit yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt, fruit jelly yoghurt and so on. Apart from that, the company has introduced drinking yoghurt called “Keerasa”. This is one of the bestselling products in the company. Moreover, company is producing...

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