Managing Business Ethics

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  • Published : August 4, 2010
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Managing Business Ethics
Business ethnics are guidelines for appropriate behavior within one’s organization. These are principles that allow the employee to achieve to a certain expectation of their employer. This is necessary for the employer to provide a positive working condition. The employer and employees are held accountable for their behavior. Business provides essential information about a organizational rules and policies, and give guidance about behavior that is consider to appropriate or inappropriate in a variety of situations. An organization can not automatically assume that an employee understands the difference between right and wrong. Employees as a whole are not brought up with the same morals and values. Individuals have different beliefs on how to handle certain situations by establishing the business ethnics this will alleviate majority of conflicts and provide guidance in the working environment. Business ethnic can control the behaviors of managers and employees. Three ethnical issues within the business environment are human resources, discrimination and harassment. These issues still arises in today’s organizations. a policy is not set in place for guidance this can cause damaging results in a facility. Human resources are the most important department in an organization. This department is responsible for the managing facility ethnics and the compliance. In order to retain employees by establishing a working environment where they can feel appreciated and treated fairly. An organization that uses fair procedures and treats employees with sensitivity sends a powerful message to all employees that it values them as important members of the community. (Lind, 1988) When the human resources does not comply and establish and enforce the business ethnic can lead to failure. Discrimination occurs when a situation other than qualifications affects how an employee is treated. This is an ethical issue and should be dealt with in any...
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