Managing Blues in Administration

Topics: Management, Understanding, Leadership Pages: 3 (568 words) Published: March 5, 2013

PGDM 2012-14 BATCH


Subject-Management Process Case Study

Topic:-Managing Blues in Administration

Group No. 6

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Prof. Parikhshit Mahankal Dinesh Kore (Roll No.87) Prof. Jayant PansePrateek Khare (Roll No.32)
Pallavi Sinha (Roll No.28) Prachi Mali (Roll No.89) Vikas Thete (Roll No.48) Ankita Bora (Roll No.109) Saugat Banerjee (Roll No.50) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

This case is about Victor D’Cuhna, young executive who has joined to take charge of data processing cell. The main problems which were there in department are; there is no co-ordination between the employees due to lack of training and there is communication gap. D’Cuhna is keen of making changes immediately in the department and conducts seminar & training session. D’Cuhna faces various problems during his change management, which were neglected by him and hence turns into failure.

Case Analysis:


* Immediate Implementation (Hasty decisions): D’Cuhna soon after joining started implementing change in the department like seminar on communication and feedback and training session.

* Unable to connect and co-ordinate with his colleagues: Female sub-ordinates ignored his implementations, his senior management was also uncomfortable and his junior promoted officers also had negative prejudice.

* No consent taken from higher management: He did not consider taking opinions of the regional head before firing the female employee.

* Lack of formal training: Fresh recruits and junior clerk cadre were not formally trained. So, blame was always put on data processing cell in case of any discrepancies.

Reasons for Failure:

There are certain...
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