Managing Across the Organization

Topics: Toyota Prius, Toyota, Knowledge management Pages: 18 (6517 words) Published: December 28, 2007
In today's highly competitive business world, companies face new challenges everyday. Good Sport is not the first company to have to change their strategy to adapt to their ever-changing industry. Upon researching the issues Good Sport faces, it is not uncommon for companies to experience conflict in leadership and organizational structure due to miscommunication. When a company restructures, it should utilize known practices of emotional intelligence, knowledge management and team development. Once the problem and the course of change are identified, it is important for Good Sport to communicate their progress with the employees. In order to prevent future conflict and miscommunication, Good Sport will need to implement team building strategies to recreate the company's culture and mission. Companies throughout the paper identified organizational issues that drove them to develop and execute improvement plans. Team building, conflict management, power, knowledge management, external environment, and internal communication were the issues that the research was based upon. These are only a few of the important concepts that leadership of any organization must pay attention to in order to stay successful. The research on Boeing and Wal-Mart was done to show the how team building can affect the bottom line of an organization. Both Boeing and Wal-Mart used team building in different areas of the company. Boeing used it to motivate its workers in the plant to produce more. The strategy Boeing used to motivate its employees was to have the employees themselves set the goals and work together towards those goals. This strategy allowed the employees to make the commitment and as a team give their buy-in towards the commitments. The employees worked together in teams to get the job done. It was a game that worked well both in production and the employees had fun doing it. Wal-Mart revamped its Information Technology department used it to help keep the products on the shelves for the customers. In order to keep the popular products on the shelves, Wal-Mart formulated a very thorough IT department which kept the inventory like clock work. As soon as item was sold, a supplier like Proctor and Gamble was able to see that and ship the item out to Wal-Mart thus enabling the company never to run out of supplies for the customers. Conflict management and power were the issues identified in the researched for IBM and Dell. IBM did not inform their employees when they changed their pension structure and it caused employees to be dissatisfied. The employees had worked with the company for years and were waiting for the benefit of their pension checks when they retired. There was conflict because there was a lack of communication between the decision makers and the employees. In studying Dell Corporation, the company tried to show that its stock was worth more than it actually was by inflating the value of the company. The leaders of Dell used power to get the employees of the accounting department to change the figures on their accounting books thereby giving misleading information. CMP and Information Today were studied to find out their use of Knowledge Management to create successful companies. Knowledge Management is any structured activity that improves an organization's capacity to acquire, share and use knowledge to improve its existing condition and to succeed. For CMP to be successful they had to incorporate strategies such as improved software which alleviate the company from having more personnel to do the job that a software program answer any questions that customers might have. This saves the company money from having to hire more employees and also the program was available to the customers twenty four –seven. The sole purpose of the software was to answer customer questions quickly and accurately. Information Today, which is a technology company, improved their process by creating a list of action items which must be...
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