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13 September 2008

SunCatcher rigid panel maxi-channel solar pool heating:

Dear David

Many thanks for the opportunity to submit our proposal to warm your pool and extend your swimming season by 12 to 16 weeks extra, each year, using Sun Command SunCatcher solar panel pool heating system and equipment for you pool.

We are pleased to offer 3 solar collector panels, 5080mm by 1250mm , 210 Channels per panel, delivering respectively 3276 lineal metres of solar heating water channels, the greatest capacity available today, to ensure efficient heating of your pool.

Why is Sun Catcher the best value solar heating available today?

Tough, long lasting UV stabilised material forged into a single panel:
Single rigid sectional panel fused to the header pipe, no grommets or joins.
No welds on the face of the panel, one integral extrusion.
UV stabilised polypropylene, tough and Cockatoo resistant.

The most water channels per panel compared with other systems in Australia: 210 active compact, side by side, water channels per panel, best heat transfer surface area coverage on the market, allowing the most water channels on the least roof area.

The most efficient heating system:
As water has more opportunity to contact the interior walls of collector channels, than any other solar system, it allows the most heat to transfer from the panel walls to the swimming pool water in the shortest time. Having more water heating channels means more water, touches more, warm channel interior walls, resulting in efficiency gains.

Attractive looking, versatile and modular design
Neat and tidy, Suncatcher panel systems are available for all shapes, sizes and types of roofs from colourbond and cliplock, to slate and tiles, flat roofs and steep roofs, our range of custom designed fixing systems ensure a great fit every time. [pic]

Proven Technology sold internationally for 20 years, backed by our warranty, our parent company manufactures our panels for worldwide distribution in our very own factory, we are not simply distributors. [pic]

The solar collectors are virtually maintenance free.

Nothing sticks to, or grows on the panel, leaves and debris simply blow off, slide off or wash away in the rain. They are designed for water to flow freely beneath the panel and the insulating material used will prevent any debris collecting between panel and roof. We do not recommend walking on panels as they are smooth and very slippery and it is dangerous and there is no need to do so.

No costly service calls to repair cockatoo damage, or leaking grommets on header pipes, as the panel is extruded in one piece (the only one of its kind in Australia) and ongoing storm damage. Conventional systems are often cheaper to install initially but generally require more costly ongoing maintenance as they age. People often overlook the time wasted and the inconvenience of not enjoying the pool whilst a faulty solar system is being repaired.

If you demand a long lasting, ultra efficient, hassle free enjoyment from a warmer pool and longer swimming season, SunCatcher offers great value for money.


Our Suncatcher Solar Panel System includes the following:

• Suncatcher 210 channel rigid, single section solar heating panels:

|Panel size and approximate litre capacity on unshaded north|Panel Qty |Channels /Panel|Total Lineal Metres of heating | |facing roof...
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