Managerial & Teaching Competencies

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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I. Is there a significant relationship between managerial competencies and teaching competencies?

II. Related Literature
A. Basic of Managerial Competencies
1. The term competence as a concept that serves to connect individuals and their actions has been defined as “ the capacity to get in touch with the environment in a constructive way”. (Ingalls,1979) 2. Competency is a set of abilities, general knowledge, motives, traits, social roles and skills of individual. (Hayes, 1979) 3. Competency is the basic characteristic of individuals that leads to better performance and effective role in a job. (Boyatzis, 1982) 4. Competence is the ability and willingness to perform task. (Burgoyne, 1989) 5. Competence also refers to areas of work in which a person is competent and competency refers to the dimension of behavior lying behind the competent performance. (Woodruffe, 1991) 6. Managerial competencies are the ability to accomplish particular types of managerial goal through personal action. The action may be as simple as a single behavior or may comprise a system or behaviors implemented interactively over a period of time. (Bigelow,1993) 7. The concept of competency refers to applied knowledge and skills, performance delivery and the behaviors required to get things done very well. (Armstrong and Baron, 1995) 8. Competency is set of interrelated knowledge, skills and attitudes that are affected on the significant part of a person’s job and is correlated with person’s job performance. This competency is measurable according to standards and is expandable with the education and improvement. (Parry, 1996) 9. Competencies are products of analyzing jobs and they link work, people and strategy for improving performance once they are generated. (Mc Lagam, 1997) 10. Managerial competencies refer to personal-oriented and task-oriented skills that are associated with effective management and leadership. (Martin and Staines, 1994) 11....
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