Managerial Roles Approach and the Prominent Study of Henry Mintzberg and Some Empirical Studies Upon the Principals Work

Topics: Management, Scientific method, Control Pages: 12 (2694 words) Published: March 22, 2012
Hacettepe Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi 13: 9-20 [1997}

ABSTRACI': The aims of this paper are to present the Managerial Roles Approach which is one of the ways used in analysing managerial work; to offer the results of Henry Mintzberg's outstanding study in which he analysed the managerial work by using the descriptive research method and stmctured observation technique; to exhibit same findings of empirical studies carried out in the field of educational administration with the same method and technique. KEY WORDS: Managerial Roles Approach, The WorkActivity School, Managerial work

in order to appreciate and probe the management and its ensuing problems and the man.agerial roles and events, ete. Some years ago, an author who attempted to classify the various "schools" of management theory called this situation "the management theory jungle" [1]. Certainly, it could be observed that many different approaches were diversely categorised by different authors. Familiarity with the approaches to management analysis can help one appreciate many insights, ideas and help one avoid re-examining previously known ideas. Figure 1 summarises the various approaches to management analysis in the foUowing categories [2]. As seen in Figure 1, one of these approaches is Managerial Roles Approach that will be strived to explain in the following section. 2. TIIE MANAGERIAI.. ROLES APPROACH The Managerial Roles Approach which is one of the newer approaches to management analysis has been popularised by Henry Mintzberg. Mintzberg has given this approach higher visibility although many researchers have studied the actual work of managers. This approach is related to the Work-Activity SchooL. The Work-Activity School of management deals with the actual activities of managers which are analysed systematicaUy and conclusions are drawn only when they can be supported by the empirical evidence, therefore the researchers of this school relies on inductive methodology. The research methods used are largely similar and in most cases comparisons can be easily made to incorporate thefindings of previous studies for the development of new conclusions. In the Work-Activity School, and also in the Managerial Roles Approach, the main purpose is to analyse the managerial work, in other words, to describe and map out what the managers really do. In analysing the managerial work the researchers have mostly used the diary technique or two observational techniques: activity sampling and stmctured observation [3].

ÖZET: Bu makalenin amacı, yönetim işini analiz etmede kullanılan yollardan biri olan Yönetimse! Roller Yaklaşımını tanıtmak; Henry Mintzberg'in,betimse! araştırma yöntemini ve yapılandırılmış gözlem tekniğini kullanarak yönetimsel işi analiz ettiği çarpıcı araştırmasının sonuçlarını ortaya koymak ve eğitim yönetimi alanında yapılmış bazı ampirik araştırma bulgularını sunmaktır. ANAHTAR SÖZCÜKLER: Yönetimsel Roller Yaklaşımı, İşetkinlik Okulu, Yönetimsel iş.

1. INTRODUCTION Studies on organisation and management trace back thousands of years. However, the systematic development of management thought generally dates back from the end of the ninetieth century in which the large industrial organisations emerge. Management is a quite discursive subject and much has been written about it. Therefore, the study of organisations and their management requires a comprehensive q.nalysis. That only a single approach to organisation and management provides all the answers can hardly be maintained. Different approaches should be comparatively studied. it was only observed a few remarkable approaches to management until the early 1950's, such as classical approach and human relations approach. But, since then, as to what management is, what manage ment theory is and how managerial work or events should be analysed,...
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