Managerial Ethics

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1. The discipline that examines one’s moral standards or the moral standards of a society. Author: Manuel G. Velasgquez
2. The systematic philosophical investigation of moral systems.The system of moral principles and rules that becomes standards for a group or for professional conduct. Source:Donaldson, T. (1989) The ethics of international business. Oxford University Press: New York. Business Ethics:

1. Business ethics are moral principles that define right or wrong behavior in the world of business and in the evaluation of business activities. Author: Peter Drucker
2. Business ethics is the application of general ethics to business behavior ,its is the extension of individual/group ethics to business situations. Source:

Managerial Ethics:
1. Managerial ethics are a set of standards that dictate the conduct of a manager operating within a workplace. Author: Alex Burke
2. Managerial Ethics: Ethical management is the knowledge of standards in both accounting and corporate governance, and recognition of the link between ethics and organizational sustainability. Source: Ethics in HR:

1. HRM ethics is the affirmative moral obligation of the employer towards the employees to maintain equality and equity justice. Source: Johnson, O.A and Reath. A
2. The ethics of human resource management (HRM) covers those ethical issues arising around the employer-employee relationship, such as the rights and duties owed between employer and employee. Discrimination issues ,Issues surrounding the representation of employees and the democratization of the workplace, Issues affecting the privacy of the employee, Issues affecting the privacy of the employer, Issues relating to the fairness of the employment contract and the balance of power between employer and employee Source:

International Business Ethics:
1. International business ethics: It requires that business decisions should not be made exclusively from the narrow, economical perspective, but also the global social and ecological concerns should be taken into account. This means that people who work in the business life should consider how their economical decisions affect other people, environment or the society on the whole, not only in the home country but also the host country. Source: Donaldson, T. (1989). The ethics of international business, Oxford University Press: New York. 2. It means that the interests of all the relevant parties, or "stakeholders" should be acknowledged and weighed. Having defined the term theoretically, it should be made clear that a uniform set of standards of business ethics, applicable to the global community as a whole, is yet to be defined. Source: Wibbon, et al. (1994) Cross-cultural business gift giving. International Marketing Review, 11(4), pp. 44-55. Group Member: Kaushik Basu(H11024)

1. Moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior 2. The moral correctness of specified conduct
Business Ethics
1. Business Ethics can be defined as the critical, structured examination of how people & institutions should behave in the world of commerce. In particular, it involves examining appropriate constraints on the pursuit of self-interest, or (for firms) profits, when the actions of individuals or firms affects others Author: Chris McDonald

2. The study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social...
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