Managerial Concepts Used in Ocean's Eleven

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Type A and Type B personality theory Pages: 10 (4051 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Shawn Lienemann
Management 301
Test #1

Ocean’s Eleven

In Ocean’s Eleven, there are many management techniques throughout the entire movie, during which they rob $160 million dollars from three casinos in Las Vegas. If you look at the movie in general, this is a great movie to choose and reflect on management concepts because there is a wide-range of concepts used in the movie. Some of the management concepts that I found in the movie were strategic thinking, personality, task groups, group development, risk, creativity and innovation, Type A & B personalities, organizational change, decision implementation, and expectancy theory.

Chapter 4 Module 1
1. Strategic thinking is the process to create a vision and blueprint for that vision, creative thinking includes being creative, disruptive, and future focused. The scene from the movie that demonstrates strategic thinking is after Danny beats Rusty and other people in poker, Danny and Rusty go out for what appears to be a cup of coffee. This scene is when Danny reveals what he wants to rob and is telling Rusty about it. The very next scene you see Rusty and Danny looking at a blueprint of the vault for the Bellagio. At this is the point when strategic thinking begins to kick in. As they are looking and studying the vault, Rusty says, this is quite possibly the least accessible vault in the world. But in his head he is beginning to create a vision on how they would even imagine pulling this off. Strategic thinking comes before strategic planning. Strategic planning is implementing a vision and the details of getting from point A to point B for the vision, but during this scene they haven’t started planning yet, just thinking of what it is going to take to pull off this heist. Rusty then starts naming off people that they would need to start pulling on these cons. At this point they start developing a vision of how this heist is going to be pulled off, but first they need to go talk to Rueben, one because he has money, and second, because he knows more about casino security than anybody they know. Strategic planning and thinking can easily get confused, but to dumb it down and explain it the easiest, thinking is a broad idea of how and who will be used in a vision before you start planning and working out the details needed to carry out that vision.

Chapter 9 Module 3
2. Group development is a process that consists of five separate stages; forming, storming, norming, performing and finally adjourning. All five of these stages have a particular scene during the movie that demonstrates what occurs in that stage. The first stage, forming, is the development in which people join the group and define the group’s purpose, structure, and leadership. All this occurs during the recruitment process by Danny and Rusty, they bring in and recruit all the member’s and while during so the purpose and structure are passed onto them. The second stage, storming, is characterized by intragroup conflict. This occurs when Danny and Rusty bring all the members to Rueben’s home and bring them all inside. Danny starts explaining what they must do to get into the vault, and minor conflict arises when a few of the members, like Yen and Saul start to ask questions about the job at hand, and question the possibility of them being able to do it. The third stage, norming, is characterized by close relationships and cohesiveness. I think this occurs before all the members go into the house in the prior example. They are standing outside socializing while having a few drinks and the members start talking and getting to know each other. The fourth stage, performing, is when the group is fully functional and works on the group task. This occurs immediately after Danny explains the plan to them and they start performing by doing surveillance on the casinos. Basher does his duty and begins to check how he can cut the power and the plan is put into action. The final stage,...
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