Managerial Communication Report

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Communication 3300: Business and Professional Presentations


TO:Mr. Hopton
FROM:John Banders
SUBJECT:Managerial Report: Constructing Your Professional Business Image DATE:December 13, 2007

In today's politically correct climate we are not supposed to give any credence to the fact that people can be and are routinely discriminated against because of their appearance. Unfortunately, in our politically correct world, perception is reality. Corporations of all sizes—big and small—go through great lengths to build a company's image and establish a good report with its customers. They also spend millions of dollars each year planning how to protect that image. Therefore, as it is vital for employees and managers alike to be aware at all times to uphold their professional business image because their image projects the image and success of the companies they work for. Equipping first-time work force entrants and existing business men and women with knowledge of this topic is important, as they will be provided with the do's and don'ts of constructing and maintaining a professional business image to ensure their individual success in the job market.

This report will explain the importance of being professional in the business world as well as cover the following topics on how to construct a professional business image: work attire, wardrobe selection and business etiquette. Each topic will point out commonly overlooked problems pertaining to projecting a professional image and include recommendations on how to remedy each problem.

Communication with difficult coworkers is a topic that has been heavily researched. Several articles relevant to the topic of constructing a professional business image are available online. Thomsett (1991) discusses in "The Little Black Book of Business Etiquette guidelines on how to communicate a professional image with the use of proper dress code. Wardrobe do's and don'ts along with recommendations is thoroughly covered in an online journal article by Eastern University of Illinois. Finally, a journalist Julie Beckham covers business etiquette in "Protecting a Professional Image for Your Company."

Webster's online dictionary defines the word professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. With that being said, everything we do in the work place should be characteristic of that that profession image and standards. Your work attire, wardrobe selection, and personal business etiquette can make a powerful statement about your business. It should, of course, be the type of statement that will represent your business in a good light. James Ammeen, president of the Men's Apparel Alliance says, "A professional image can translate into improved work ethics and growth in overall productivity." (Fetto)

Work Attire
The dress code policy for every business is specific to that business's industry standards. How much you are able to deviate from the dress code is debatable, but the work attire rules are based on the key word: conformity. According to the "American Industry Dress Code Survey," a national poll of 201 senior executives at companies with over $500 million in annual revenue, more than half of large business (56 percent) maintain a business attire policy—that means a suit and tie for the men and a suit or dress for women. Unless your success in a particular industry depends on you going against the status quo, stay within the dress code margins. A successful manager wears attire that doesn't draw attention to their clothing, but to the high standards of the company they work for. This rule of thumb is essential to keeping you in the race for company promotions and increasing you favor with the movers and shakers of industry. Peers and supervisors perceive you as someone who does not know how to dress in the...
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