Managerial Communication Interview

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RUNNING HEAD: Managerial Communication Interview
Managerial Communication Interview
Marie Barrese
Dr. Bonnie Adams
I spoke with the manager of my unit. She is faced with some difficult personalities in the three areas of the unit. She identified the major communication breakdowns in this unit as leadership. She has taken various steps to deal with the situations but the staff resistsher influence. The people who have been there for a long time are the biggest at resisting her changes. The most recent change she is trying to initiate is changing the unit to a mother/baby unit. This means the nurses take care of the mothers and infants. There is a great deal of resistance between the nursery and labor and delivery. She is in the middle of negotiations with the union about this change and she said it is coming soon. There has not been a model of how this will work presented to the nurses and they are angry about not being involved in the decision. Organizational leadership identified the following themes: Having a vision is an integral part of leadership;

Communicating the vision is critical to making it a reality Vision can have an empowering effect on organizational members; Leaders may have to create an organizational culture that supports the vision Leaders will not be able to implement their vision without their followers’ trust. This leader seems to have a vision that she wishes to carry out. She has not really communicated the vision she has to the staff adequately. She needs to develop trust in the staff for this change to work. (Kelly, 2000) Current research rejects the view of vision as something that is conceived of by one individual, and complied with by the remaining organizational members. The conceptualization of vision is very consistent with an emphasis on the receiver and building a shared context to improve communication. Both the content of the vision itself and the process...
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