Managerial Analysis on Cute Cosmetics Ltd

Topics: Corporation, Limited company, Stock Pages: 14 (3812 words) Published: April 20, 2013
1. Acknowledgement

Apart from the efforts of us, the success of any project depends largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the people who have been helpful to give us valuable information regarding this project so that it can be successful. We would like to show our greatest appreciation to honorable faculty Noor-E-Hasnin (NEH) Lecturer, North south University. We felt motivated and encouraged every time we attend her classes and effective class lectures. Without her encouragement and guidance this project would not have materialized. The guidance and support received from all our group members who contributed were vital for the success of the project. We are grateful to each other for the constant support and help

2. Introduction:
We selected Cute Cosmetics for our project which is a private limited company and is a local company. Cute Cosmetics is a brand of Mousumi Industries that manufactures cosmetics and toiletries and was incorporated in 1971. Since then Cute has been manufacturing cosmetics and providing service to the people of Bangladesh. It has become a very well reputed and now has captured a huge market not only in Bangladesh but also outside the country. But cute is not manufacturing consumer products alone in the industry. It has many competitors in the market who are fighting to become the market leader and to grasp the majority of the market share. The key competitors are Kohinoor, Marico and Lever Brothers. Even though the company was established long ago but it is facing tremendous competition and some of the competitors have already beat them in some of the consumer products. The company has many product lines that manufacture different types of products and are providing service not only nationwide but also to the foreign countries as it has been exporting some of the products outside the country. Cute has its own brand image in the market and is one of the pioneers in the industry. Cute Cosmetics has its own strength and weakness as well as external opportunity and threats because of the market influence. We also have discussed the requirements for having a private limited company and the advantages and the disadvantages of the formation of the company which are compared with those discussed in the book. The report shows an overall view of the company’s position in the market as well as the loopholes that it has in itself.

3. Literature Review:
a) Company Information:
Mousumi Industries Ltd. was founded in 1971. From 1974, still then a proprietorship industry, the operation of the business was intensified and in 1984 Mousumi's factory building was constructed at Cutepalli, Kanchpur, Sonargong, Narayangonj with sophisticated modern machinery. The cosmetics & toiletries of the company are manufactured under two brands, namely “Cute” & “Laboni”. Soon after Cute & Laboni cosmetics were marketed, the brand became very popular in the whole country; it was the market leader. Mousumi Industries Ltd. was formed into a private limited company in 1982. Since then Mousumi has come a long way and its famous cosmetic brand, Cute, has earned the highest consumer satisfaction. In 1990, the company ventured into exporting. The first export was to Oman. This was a great milestone for Mousumi Industries Ltd. as well as for Bangladesh. This meant that even Bangladesh was producing quality cosmetics to attract foreign market. This has been possible because Mousumi has installed very modern machinery and ensured highest quality products with technical co-operation of the qualified chemists of the company and experts of the renowned foreign cosmetics products developers. Mousumi now exports to India, Oman, UAE and many other foreign Countries.

b) Mission and vision statement:
Mission- We will always try to explore beyond the boundaries of possibilities. Consumer needs alone will be our guiding philosophy in manufacturing...
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