Managerial Accounting

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Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein
LG Electronics, Inc established in 1958 and has its headquarter in Seoul, South Korea is one of the leading companies in the world which produces electronic and communication devices, IT productions. LG which stands for “Life’s Good” determines what the company is striving for. One of the main aim of LG Electronics is ensuring to make the dgigtal life better for its customers. Eco- Friendly

“Life’s Good- When It’s Green”- this is a program of LG Electronics which includes two parts of procedures: pre- production and post-production. In thir vision, it is estimated that 15, 000 tons of pre-production and 30, 000,000 tons of post-production stages of green gases should be reduced as their target in the near future. LG’s 47LW5500-ZE and 47LW550 TZCIN Ema 3D TVs have been announced the first Tvs in Europe which have the Carbon Trust enalbles to manage a low carbon footprint labeling scheme. Bi- Geunkwo, head of LG’s LLOCO TV Lab. Says that it was their crucial achievement in having environmental brand image. In it’s future vision , the company goes on supporting to produce more- eco-friendly, low-coal goods.

In contrast, Samsung also tries to have an eco-value status and has made plans to achieve environmental sustainability [pic].
Environmental Sustainability Strategy

As can be seen from the above five strategies, Samsung SDI could manage to include suppliers and customers in this chain.

Customer Satisfaction
Producing reliable productions is the basic principle for both companies. In oreder to compete in the 21st century business world, they try to be reliable for their customers and one of the feaututre of Balanced ScoreCard helps them to meet customer requirements and getting to know their needs. Samsung SDI itself, held more than 385 surveys about its prodects, safety and customer satisfaction. In their website, they...
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