Manager Traits

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MaManager Traits: Topic Summary
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Summary- these article discuses 4 important traits that a good manager will need to succeed in the working world as well as some ideas on how to act and listen to your employee’s Leadership
Leadership is one of the vital qualities of a good manager. A good manager is often seen exercising effective leadership in the organization. By effective and fair leadership we mean the skills to guide the team members, to encourage them towards attainment of the organization's goals and take the right decisions at the right point of time. Plan and Delegate

Planning well is a part of one's managerial skills. A good manager has a foresight that helps him/her plan effectively. A good manager devises fail-proof plans, divides the task into subtasks and delegates them to his/her team members. Effective delegation involves an understanding of the skill sets of the employees, scheduling tasks and getting them done from the employees within deadlines. Delegation facilitates the division of responsibility; helps accomplish the plan faster while also giving the delegates an opportunity to excel. Intelligentsia

A very uncommon common sense is something that is seen in a good manager. A good manager possesses complete knowledge of his field and is confident about that knowledge. A thorough knowledge of one's position and responsibilities is the trait of a good manager. Intelligence is characteristic to a good manager. A witty sense of humor is a trait that is often seen in good managers. Along with intellect and humor, creativity is a common trait of good managers. Listen with Concern

An excellent manager is the one who treads with a positive attitude, along with his/her team and leads them to success. A good manager shows...
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