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“All managers should be leaders, but not all leaders should be managers.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position. Yes, I agree about that.
Let’s talk about what is manager and what is leader first? Manager is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so that organization goals can be accomplished. Leader is someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority. There is difference between leaders and managers.

Managing is about efficiency. Leading is about effectiveness. Managing is about how. Leading is about what and why. Management is about systems, controls, procedures, policies, and structure. Leadership is about trust — about people. Leadership is about innovating and initiating. Management is about copying, about managing the status quo. Leadership is creative, adaptive, and agile. Leadership looks at the horizon, not just the bottom line. How to become a leader, not just a manager? This requires managers to make the appropriate changes and adjustments in the role. This shift consists of three (3) levels: From strategists to "vision"

From the conductor to the storyteller
Change from a system builder

From strategists to "vision"
From this level of the strategy have already seen that a considerable number of managers have their work on how to construct an enterprise system, what kind of way to achieve corporate goals, so they stressed that the strategy and tactics. But today, more emphasis on a vision, it is more important than strategy. Because the strategy itself has a lot of uncertainty, if you try the strategy to attract some followers, often may not be able to achieve their goals. People how to do things for the leader was not interested, but if the leader to subordinates show a vision is a grand blueprint, this time, people are willing to follow the leader to share this glory. So a good vision, you should have four (4) conditions. ◆ Ideality

A good vision should be consistent with an expectation for the future, has a good incentive. It could create a proud, self-esteem, vitality and a sense of accomplishment. ◆ Measurable
A good vision should have a standard of excellence reflects the height of the ideal. ◆ Unity
Vision to meet the company's history, culture and values agree. ◆ Attract
An exciting vision can cause widespread concern. In order to facilitate memory, the corporate vision can be expressed in simple language. For example, Sony's vision is to experience the joy of a progress, and the use of the most beneficial technology to the public; Wal-Mart to let ordinary people have the opportunity to buy the same thing with the rich; there we are familiar with Disneyland, their vision is four words: to bring people laughter. Besides this, a good leader must have passion, integrity, trust, curiosity, daring.

From the conductor to the storyteller
In fact, the role of adjustment with the first relationship, a strategic leader in the layout of the tasks is ordered. Vision type of leader is not the same; he in fact is induced in a source of inspiration to achieve their goals. The leader said that the vision of style, way of communicating instead of command. Of course, this also requires some skill. Tell a story of leadership often heartwarming story to inspire the morale of the staff, even under the embrace of vision, but in turn if the story you speak do not have anything interesting you would be very difficult to encourage a group of people to achieve the target. In fact, the best story is about some of the problems of your own, including some of your personal problems, including some of the issues in your organization, including your own experience, that is, from the nature of the problem. For example, who you are today in what the status, the future of enterprise is what kind of goals to be reached. These problems can be a reflection of the leader's way of thinking and values; it is to face reality and a vision of the future vision....
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