Manager's Workshop Report

Topics: Motivation, Sales, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 18 (5775 words) Published: May 6, 2011

Buff Spalding1
Jim Clemmons2
Lisa Dolan3
Wilson Thomas5
John Crosby7
Summary of decisions and results for Buff:9
Summary of decisions and results for Jim10
Summary of decisions and results for Lisa10
Summary of decisions and results for Wilson11
Summary of decisions and results for John11
Direction and Intensity Theory12
Need Theory12
Learning Theory13
Goal Theory13
Equity Theory13
Expectancy Theory14
Lumberjacks' Performance:14
SAS Airline Reservation:14
Motivating Nurses To Improve Attendance:14
Meeting Employees' Needs With Flexible Benefits:15
Reacting To The Equity Of Office Assignments15
Applying Motivational Concepts To Self-Management:15

Buff Spalding

William Spalding or “Buff” as his friends usually call him is one of the problematic employees at “Omega” Pharm Company. Although he has all skills to be a successful worker, his work performance is very low. An interesting fact is that this low performance occurred during last 2 years of

his 8 year work experience at “Omega”. Buff has good education, communication skills, and light vein of humor. He is interested in golf as well. Despite the fact that, he has had very low earnings in recent 2 years, he has been visiting exclusive golf courses and wearing expensive clothes. When the manager asked his co-workers about this discrepancy, it was revealed that he had some real estate deals with his clients, thus violating company’s policy. One of the possible alternatives was to discharge him, but this could have negative impact on company’s performance. So, the manager tried managing him rather than firing. Buff was asked to end all his real estate deals within 48 hours, but he had different opinion about the issue. Because the earnings from real estate deals were much more than that the “Omega” can offer, he seemed to be willing to sell real estate full time. Although Buff mentioned that he likes his co-workers and job security at “Omega”, he had very little motivation to proceed his career at the company. The manager had nothing to do, but to negotiate a deal with Buff in order to reduce negative impact on the company.

As we can observe it appears to be a very tough case to manage with. According to theory videos the case matches Direction and Intensity theory. As the lecturer mentioned, for people to be motivated the direction and the intensity of their target should be right. If one of the components is missed, the employee can not attain the desired target. Even though, both direction and intensity is sufficient, as it is in our case, the desired target could be still unattainable. The reason is that there may be other attractive targets, which distract the employee. That’s Buff’s story. Although he has fine knowledge of company product and good skills, his performance is low. When the manager explores the underlying reasons he reveals that Buff has real estate deals, which are more profitable and more interesting. In our case, the company is not able to provide Buff with sufficient support to facilitate his success, so he turns to another target. In situations like this, the best thing to do is to reduce the drawbacks of replacement.

Jim Clemmons

Jim Clemmons has been working as a sales representative in Omega for three and a half years, but never before his performance has been so low. He was one of the most successful reps in the last quarter, but in the present quarter his numbers decreased sharply. The main reason for this fall is the

recent death of his father. After his father passed away, Jim began to encounter some performance problems. This performance decrease was assumed to be the result of his bad physiological condition. But, the manager learnt the actual reason of the problem while they were having dinner at Jim’s house. Jim’s opinion about work had...
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