Manager's Hot Seat - Virtual Workplace - Out of Office Reply

Topics: Management, Critical thinking, Feeling Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: August 4, 2012
Virtual Workplace: Out of Office Reply

Ralph’s overall performance was informative, compassionate, proactive and genuine. His managing skills not only showed his excellence in managing Angela but also as a person. While Angela was showing her impatience and disregard for what Ralph had to say, Ralph always kept his cool, was thinking of proactive solutions for Angela and tried to make her feel at ease. However, Angela was only thinking with anger and seemed to try and initiate an argument from Ralph. Once Ralph saw that, he terminated the meeting and scheduled another one for them to meet in order to provide more time to get a handle on how she is feeling and what solutions they could probably come up with. The voice message from Rebecca the Gossip did not help matters – Angela came in with an already biased mentality and blames her not being able to work on not being treated equally and his neglect. Ralph showed genuine concern for her after the second meeting, even when she cancelled a meeting previous. Ralph does a great job of managing Angela because he wants her to feel comfortable where she is and with her work. Even when she threatens to resign, he asks for five minutes and is able to convince her to agree to a proactive action plan. He makes it seem like it was her idea to work in the office (urging her to draw the conclusion for herself), assuring her that this solution was something she thought up and not him. She was happy with this decision and they came to an agreement. His tactics were so simple, yet so effective. He simply put it in a way that each side listening to each other effectively and constructively is important. Even though he personally does not like having people work from home, he puts his personal feelings aside and sees how the employee would be most productive. He is kind, empathetic yet firm, making sure his actions are streamlined towards all employees and “office politics” cannot be assumed. Having the proactive...
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