Management Theory

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Traditional/Conventional Models
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PHL717 Constructing Meaning

This paper will compare and contrast a selected foundational philosophy of management theory to that of a more modern one. The comparison will entail a personal understanding of the evolution of management thought as it is represented in the philosophies under analysis. Personal view would indicate or relate the thought that “I believe that the task of any theory of managing is to produce generalizations that are actionable by managers in everyday life and that as managers use such generalizations, they create opportunities for robust tests of their validity. The business of science and the business of managing are not separable” (Argyrols, 1996, p. ?). While personal reflection shows that each chosen theory can correlate into the business world of today, as commonalities can be examined, each hold a number of differences that illuminates the individuality of the theory and the times in which the theory originated or was prominent. For this paper there will be a look into organization theory in part as portrayed by Peter Drucker from a modern perspective and a science management theory as devised by Frederick Taylor. In today’s organizational society there is a push for organizations to become more in line with a true learning organization, which essentially separates from the more mainstream or traditional authoritarian and controlling philosophy to that of a behavioral philosophy consisting of: personal clarification of one’s vision and viewpoints centered on objectivity; team learning, collective thinking, brainstorming and analysis; and systems thinking which melds together the previous mentioned factors into a holistic view. Postmodern organizations, it is relative to understand that this new era comes post bureaucracy, hierarchy and industrial eras. The post modern organization can be explained or referred to as an organization made up of diverse,...
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