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Term paper on “some selected theories and concept of management’’| Course Title: Advanced Management|
Submitted to: Md Mosharraf Hossain |
Associate professorDepartment of Management studies|
Submitted by:Md Muntasir Rafy|

Department of Management StudiesUniversity of Dhaka|


13, April 2011
Md.Mosharraf Hossain
Associate Professor
Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

Sub: Submission of Term Paper on ‘’ some selected theories and concept of management’’

Dear Sir,
We have much pleasure in enclosing our Term Paper on “some selected theories and concept of management” for the course ‘Advanced Management’, under your kind supervision and cooperation. Thank you for your sincere and honest effort to help us get familiar with the different aspects of Advanced Management. I, herewith take the opportunity to thank you for your kind coordination and supervision for us during the course.

Sincerely Yours

ID # 3-09-16-053


First of all we thank the Almighty Allah for enabling me to complete the task of producing this term paper. My work on preparing a term paper on “some selected theories and concept of management “ is a great experience for me in light of the course “Advanced Management”.

I am grateful to our honourable teacher Md.Mosharraf Hossain, Associate Professor,Dept of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, for his sincere guidance to prepare this report & gather huge practical and realistic knowledge.

I would like to thank my all who supported me in completing the study successfully.

Table of Contents

S/L| Title| Page Number|
| | |
1| Theory X| 5|
| | |
2| Theory Y| 5-6|
| | |
3| Theory Z| 6|
| | |
4| Hawthorne’s Study| 6-10|
| | |
5| Organizational Environment Theory | 10-11|
| | |
6| Management by objective| 13-15|
| | |
7| Decision Making Theory| 15-16|
| | |
8| Management Grid Theory| 16-19|
| | |

Theory X Theory Y
Theory X Theory Y McGregor, Douglas 1960.Douglas McGregor, an American social psychologist, proposed his famous Theory X and Theory Y models in his book 'The Human Side Of Enterprise' (1960).

Theory X
* Humans inherently dislike working and will to avoid it if they can. * Because people dislike work they have to be coerced or controlled by management and threatened so they work hard enough. * Average employees want to be directed.

* People don't like responsibility..
* Average humans are clear and unambiguous and need security at work.
Application Shop Floor, Mass Manufacturing - Production Workers
Management Style Authoritarian, Hard Management

Theory Y

* People view work as being as natural as play and rest. Humans expend the same amount of physical and mental effort in their work as in their private lives. * Provided people are motivated, they will be self-directing to the aims of the organization. Control and punishment are not the only mechanisms to make people work * Job satisfaction is key to engaging employees and ensuring their commitment. * People learn to accept and seek responsibility. Average humans, under the proper conditions, will not only accept but even naturally seek responsibility * .People are imaginative and creative. Their ingenuity should be used to solve problems at work.

Applications: Professional Services, Knowledge Workers - Managers and Professionals
Management Style Participative, Soft Management

Comments McGregor sees Theory Y as the preferable model and management method, however he felt Theory Y was...
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